Gifts For Every Wanderer and Urban Outfitters

gifts for every wanderer

Even the most devoted vagabond occasionally craves some time off the road. That’s certainly true for us at the moment. Over the last six weeks, we’ve collectively visited Los Angeles, San Francisco, Miami, Geneva, Munich, Valladolid, Tulum, Playa del Carmen, and Upstate New York — twice! Suffice to say we could use some downtime.

We’re looking forward to regrouping at home in Brooklyn, but that doesn’t mean we won’t be inflecting our holidays with home accessories and gifts that evoke a sense of elsewhere. From a Moroccan-inspired Christmas tree tapestry (perfect for a small NYC apartment and less messy than a real tree!) to Palo Santo smudge sticks from South America to easy-packing camera gear, we’ve found a lot of goodies at Urban Outfitters — turns out the Philadelphia-based retailer is a one-stop holiday dream shop gifts for every wanderer. Below, a look at how we’re sprinkling our apartment with travel-inspired cheer from UO, plus some of our favorite finds for gifting all the nomads on your list.

Some Gifts For Every Wanderer:

Here I put together some great gifts those are very special for every wanderer or urban traveler:

BlueSmart One:

This is long lasting smart luggage and favorable by people last eighteen months. In the market there may be huge number of luggage for traveling but it is one of the best luggages. It is a cool brand that has lots of space so that travelers load more and more accessories. Carrying it one place to another is so easy as it is so light weight. BlueSmart One is like a suitcase that allows you to charge your device, remote lock system of your smartphone, built in scale, has tracking system with GPS. Ultimate it may be little one but one of the profitable gifts for every wanderer.

Fluxmob Bolt Power Adapter:

The power adapter is one of the essential gifts for every wanderer and Fluxmob Blot is the best for you. During your travel time it reduces your stress, very easy to use and this small Bolt provides you fast charge. The plus point of this power adapter is profitable battery that gives you to avoid your wall charger at home.

Satechi Travel Router:

This is one of the best international travel routers which is very helpful for the travelers. Satechi Travel adapter can charge two devices at the same time and this Satechi Travel router works at 150 countries. The upgrade version of this router can boost your connection where local wifi connection failed to do it.

Mogics Portable Speaker:

Mogics speaker is another best gifts for every wanderer and one of popular product from recent few years. It has best volume and sound quality product. This speaker can connect with Bluetooth and it is waterproof. This one is perfect for road trip and the traveler fresh their mind listening high quality music sound. So don’t forget to carry it with you.

Gopro Hero5 Camera:

According to me, the Gopro Hero5 camera is one of the best gifts for every wanderer to capture their traveling memory. It gains popularity over few years for its ultra action camera. It can capture high quality HD image. This one is waterproof certified camera. Gopro Hero5 Camera is may be enough for the travelers.