The Charleston Shopping Cheat Sheet


If there’s a quintessential Charleston look, it’s a white button-down shirt, navy sports-coat, khaki pants, and a bow-tie. Personally, I think it is awesome. I was thrilled, when, on our first afternoon in town, I saw a professorial man in his early 40s wearing this very outfit without a trace of irony.

Thomas said there would be more men dressed like that, but sadly, that dapper gentleman outside Queen Street Grocery was the only one I saw. What I did see, instead, were a whole lot of college students in baggy jeans and ill-fitting cargo pants. Where are they buying those? Certainly not at any of the following four stores, which out of all the cool shops we visited in Charleston — including the city’s fabled Hampden Clothing — had the coolest vibes of all.

Indigo & Cotton

The stretch of Cannon Street just west of upper King is, to us, one of Charleston’s most interesting neighborhoods — mostly due to the new wave of business that has started to spring up there. Indigo & Cotton is one such spot. We loved its farm-tinged vintage vibe and super-focused selection of menswear from American heritage brands like Save Khaki, Imogene & Will, Raleigh Denim, Shinola, and Levis Vintage. It’s the kind of place that lends itself to a full-on, immersive browsing experience, especially since they also stock a sprinkling of objects you can’t help but want: rustic earthenware vases from California-based duo Kat & Roger, city field guides by Wildsam, and boob-tastic handmade planters by Brooklyn artist Universal Isaac.

Some Famous Markets in Charleston:

Charleston City Market:

It is one of the most popular tourist destinations and very old market. At the night time the market is underwhelming as the vendors are leaving it. Here you find so pretty linen shops and the local basket weaver shows their sweetgrass basket crafts. The market provides you what you want as there are lots of options of local handmade craft jewelry and nearby several restaurants.  So visiting this place is may be amazing for you and can fresh your mind.

Charleston’s Candy Kitchen:

Here you see lots of candy that you have never seen. It is extremely good vicinity to take kids and the barrels of various kinds of sweet and first-rate chocolates and sweet apples. The pralines are outstanding and also come in chocolate. There are lots of candies which might be this prevent inclusive of fudge, log rolls, pralines ice cream, candied apples, and so much more, consisting of antique-style candies and a huge choice of saltwater taffy. The candied apples are large and appearance awesome.

Robert Lange Studios:

Robert Lange Studios is an event space and awesome art gallery in Charleston. Every year huge amount of visitors comes here to watch the finest arts. It is a first-rate place to go to in case you are an art lover or collector or neither. That is an inviting, exciting, stunning area with some quirky portions and high-quality choice of art in a fantastic area. Between the wide selection of painted artwork, sculpture and blown glass there are lots of wonderful picks. Their artist’s paintings are displayed at the Vendue lodge.

Christophe Artisan Chocolatier:

Ingesting chocolate is very well. The chocolates are all one-of-a-kind colorings. Enjoyed sitting on the again porch with a flourless cake and a shortbread cookie. It’s a small store but full of muffins, mini desserts, macaroons, and all varieties of treats. The personnel became very pleasant and the costs were reasonable. That is one of the locations that picked out to visit well earlier of your ride. No longer only do they taste fantastic, however, their creations had been stunning.