Top 10 Best Watches a man can buy in 2020


People always wish to be extraordinary charm and compassion. Watches are the perfect way to pass the time (after all, why do you need a cell phone?) – The carefully selected watches highlight your aesthetic and you are the delicate element of your beauty will make you a leader among fashionable people.

Follow the top Best Digital Watches for Men 2020.

1. Breitling

Breitling will continue to release a new edition Premier Bentley Mariner for the release of the new 2020 watch. Bentley and Breitling have been partners for 17 years since the watch company launched Central GT watches during the first production of daily supercars in 2002. This watch is available in a edition of 100 pieces. The well-made 42 mm stainless steel case has a push-pull crown and a four-sided timer button. Expanded Arabic numerals and red-blue inscriptions give the item a dated and sophisticated look.

2. Hublot

Created in honor of the British capital, this item demonstrates the USB style and basic technology based on USP claims. It previously featured a racing gray dial featuring sunglasses inspired by Union Jack, a back case decorated with Hublot Labs London, and a black London-style rubber strap. For the latter, take a look at the 45 mm black ceramic case, 42-hour power reserve, 10 “N” screws with different edges and a polished titanium case.

3. Nomos

Nomos, a proverb of watches with a German minimalist design that celebrates the 250th birthday of Ludwig van Beethoven (for those who do not do mathematics in the head in 1770) as recognition His exceptional work celebrates a completely new series. Four new models in the Tetra series have exclusive Devine Spark Fish, O Joy Tetra, Immortal Beloved Tetra and Fidelio Tetra-Sport dials, as well as dial colors is copper, green, turquoise, blue, official Nomos. This is called the women’s series, but the 29.5 x 29.5mm case fits most wrists. And we live in the gender change of people in 2020.

4. Longines

In addition to the blue, black and gray versions, the Longines main collection of diving watches has a green finish. Green can become a popular color in the world of watches in 2020. This model only overcomes the weakness between military inspiration and elegance. It is also available in sizes 41 mm and 43 mm and water resistance up to 300 m.

5. sparse

The watch for Captain Chef is equipped with a green dial / bronze strap for the 2020 update, giving a stylish look to already popular models. This approach has proven successful for several brands, and Rado offers even more value. The same is true for natural chains.

6. IWC Schaffhausen

One of the most comfortable chronographs, perhaps the classic IWC watch, is now equipped with an automatic internal device. Available in silver, black and blue steel dial or 18 karat raised gold black silver dial. The lack of dating makes it look elegant.

7. Bell & Ross

Gray and neon green can be a good combination, as all fans of Air max 95 know. Bell & Ross, the leader in lighting in pilot watches, technical developments and dark dials, uses the same colors as the next version of BR 03-92. This is a great addition to the LUM series introduced in 2017. All methods are correct, excellent measuring equipment.

8. Tag Heuer

TAG Heuer celebrates the 160th anniversary of the watchmaking industry with this new version of Carrera Silver. The revival of stainless steel is a detailed replica of the most popular original sports timer, divided into three parts:

A silver monochrome dial, an elegant case and a trio previously used on the Heuer brand badge. However, its diameter has been increased from 36 mm to 39 mm, and it is equipped with a brand new movement of the 21st century, including 168 parts and an 80-hour power reserve. Limited to 1860 points (founded in 1860)

9. Seiko

Inspired by the world of night diving, the new Seiko diving watch series is known for its black DLC-coated stainless steel cases. There are three models. Experienced SLA035J1 (waterproof up to 600 models) (1000 ft), SPB125J1 Sumo (45 mm version) (7000 models) and 3,500 solar SSC761J1 (shown here)

10. Omega

Omega celebrates the 50th anniversary of the first hour of the month. SpeedMoonwatch also has many special editions. Its first version in the past ten years may be a remake of Speedmaster Ed White, which was released in the US in 1965. Stainless steel is not restricted. -Steel, golf shot them on these tracks, but that doesn’t mean they bought vintage models. The new high-speed steel will be available for free in March.