Xresolver: Is It Xbox Resolver? Complete Guidance On It


If someone looking for what is Xresolver? That means chances are very high that person little on edge. In the recent few years as technology grows, online streamers, and online gamers are at a high point. But the streamers always feel concerned about their data.

The digital database is always a center point of anxiety for online gaming streamers and hackers. But hold on a second. Don’t be frightened. In this present era, if you have perfect knowledge you can overcome every tough time.

Before we go to the main topic what xresolver is, it is best to discuss why it is here.

Video games are mainly launched for entertainment purposes. Although as internet connection and technology advanced new types of games were launched. As a result of this, many players are involved in it. And from entertainment purposes to become a daily trending topic of the world.

As games bloom, competition between players increases and it becomes a professional thing to do. Although some section of people thinks the culture of video gams is toxic and it is ruining the young generation.

The worst thing that happened to you in this technologically advanced era is the data scam. The most concerning thing in the world is now data privacy. If you know when playing an online game you are sharing your data with the hacker. When joining a public contest in gameplay, maybe your IP address is visible to others. This can be very dangerous. One can easily target a DDoS attack on you. It can steal your all personal details and forecast in public.

What Is xResolver?


Xresolver is a digital Internet Protocol(IP) address and it works as a gamertag resolver for Xbox and PlayStation gamers. This site can be easily manageable from every type of gaming console. Xbox and PlayStation gamers are major users of this.

In the gaming diversity world, you will find billion of gamers on different types of gaming platforms. If you reading this article, probably you are also one of the billion online gamers. If I mention names of some online games, are PUBG, FreeFire, Fortnite, Counter-Strike, and many more.

Such online games always provide fun and feel your refreshment. But what can be the worst thing to happen than a data scam from an online game? Yes, these types of online games have a risk to data privacy. And it is the worst thing, you are spying when you are in an online game.

Gamers as a player always played in public global contests. It is now best to showcase gaming talent. But most of them are unaware that in the time of playing public contests, their IP address is visible to others. And hackers can easily track with IP address and do a cyber attack with DDoS.

Here Xresolver offers a service to gamers to remove their IP address from the database for a long time. This site has a free and premium offer for its users. The offer will depend on the subscription tools gamers can use.

Full registration Process Of Xresolver?

Now let’s get to the point of how to register on Xresolver. If you are searching for the full process to get register and access this website, follow the below instruction-

  • First, search the https://xresolver.com and go to the official page.
  • You will find the registration option on the top right corner of the homepage.
  • Put all your personal details like email address and username.
  • Enter the password and re-enter the confirmation password
  • And finally, click on the registration when you finished all the mentioned steps.

And if you are already a registered customer of xresolver, you can simply skip the registration process. Direct go to the sign-in page and log in from there.

How To Use XResolver?

This website has some unique features but it is very easy to use also. If you are a beginner this site’s interface will help you a lot. The designer and developer of this website keep it simple and user-friendly. But for your better information, we will provide how to use Xresolver. You must go through the process-

  • First, search https://xresolver.com/ and visit the page.
  • Select Xbox or PlayStation resolver you want.
  • Now change the IP address to convert into the Gamertag.
  • And now put the Xbox gamer tag change into IP address.
  • The last step is to tap on resolve.

This is the highlighted process. It is the same method for Playstation too. If you put PlayStation gamer tags it becomes an IP address and if you put  IP dresses it becomes a PlayStation gamer tag.

What XResolver Do?

XResolver is a database where gamers’ information, IP address, and online profiles are stored. This site also showcased relationships with Gamertags. As the information is already publicly available, so it is not illegal to share it and publish it on a public website.

Xresolver offers that third parties who are interested in accessing private information can easily damage your internet connection. Third parties can target you in several ways like DDoS or Distributed Denial of Service attacks.

Take An Example-

If you want an example, let’s take a theoretical example. Suppose you have heavily beaten a player in PUBG or Player’s Unknown Battleground game. And that player wanted revenge badly. So the player goes to xrsolver.com and searches with your Gamertag or PSN ID and gets the IP address. And the worst thing can do is target your internet connection and make it racking slow. It will cot your next game.

Features Of XResolver?

PSN Username Checker-

A player can use it as a PlayStation name checker and its availability. As an example, every player has an option to choose his name in games. The gamers always wanted to keep names very catchy. So they can easily go to xresolver.com and check if the name is available or not.

Gamertag And PSN Resolver-

Xresolver collects data from the internet. Many bots are always crawling on the internet for new Gamertag and PSN usernames. These bots are providing the data.

As the Gamertag and PSN username is not private, so, it is not illegal by any chance. So many users like this site because so much information at once and it is very user friendly and very time saving.

IP storage-

You can store the IP that you want. This tool can help you to keep a clean record of data. And if one IP is inactive for three months, the IP is automatically deleted. If you are using a free account you can store up to  25 IPs. while as a premium customer you can store as many IPs as you want.

Blacklisting On IP-

This feature is paid feature. You can’t get it free of cost. If someone wanted to keep his data safe and not wanted it stored on this site, purchasing this feature is the best option. You can easily pay money and protect all your information from scammers.

Know Your Own IP-

XResolver offers its customers to check IP free of cost. You just have to click on the IP check tool, you’ll get it. This website will help you to know your public IP address.

Why One Should Protect IP Address?

If you publicize your IP address, hackers can know many things from it. First and foremost it will reveal your location. From where, which country which city you are now, hackers can easily know. And they can do DDoS attacks.

So, try to protect your IP address always and take needful moves to save yourself from scammers and hackers. As long as your IP address is safe you may not face a major online problem.

How To Remove Own IP Adress?

If anyone doesn’t wanna stay anymore on the Xresolver server, easily can remove their own IP address. It is not big deal. If you blacklist yourself in the xresolver, there is no more information on the website. This process may be protected from hackers. To protect yourselves from any type of scammer attack, follow the step.

  • Use  VPN and hide your IP address.
  • Change your ISP to an IP address.
  • Abstain from random parties and never trust any skeptical people.
  • You can use this method to protect your Microsoft and Sony,s service accounts.

How To Use xResolver For Boot?

Most of the gamers mainly use Xresolvr to boot up their IP address. But many of them did not the exact process. So follow the mentioned steps.

  • First, download a booter app on your device.
  • Open the booter app and enter the IP address you need to boot
  • It will be better if you select a time period for booting. It will avoid disturbance from the other users.
  • Nxt open the DDoS tab
  • If you did the above steps successfully, you will get a confirmation message of successful IP booting.


Without any confusion, we can conclude that Xresolver is a blessing for all online gamers. This site was mostly developed to make a companion for the Xbox Vido game. The site will help you to access the community features of Xbox live.

So the conclusion of the article is always trying to play with the games you know. Always alert when interacting with strangers. DDoS attacks are sinister, but you don’t have to panic at all as there are various ways to avoid them.


What Is Xresolver?

XResolver is a website, developed for Xbox and Playstation resolves of Gametageers and usernames.

In Which Year was Xresolver Created?

In the year 2017, this website was created.

How Many Registered Users did Xresolver have?

According to the last found data, this website has 262,931 users.

What is the premium membership cost of XResolver?

One can get a premium member for just $7.99 USD.

Is Xresolver Illegal?

No, it is not illegal as all the IPs they are collecting, are freely available when playing the global games.