Best Medicinal Plants to Grow for Profit

Medicinal Plants

The interest in growing plants for their medicinal purposes has risen noticeably because people have seen the potential to earn money. While some turn to growing medicinal plants as a hobby, because it’s stress relieving and rewarding, there are also those who plan to grow a hobby into a lucrative business.

Either way, whether it’s just a hobby or a life-changing career move, there’s a potential for growth and profit. Let’s look into some of the most profitable medicinal plants people can cultivate on their own. 


While many people grow oregano because it’s widely used in cooking, people also grow it for its medicinal purposes. This easy to grow medicinal plant is beneficial for anyone who wants to strengthen the immune system, fight bacteria, cancer and it can also help you with weight loss. It comes in form of tea, oil and as a fresh herb which you can further incorporate into your diet. There are over 40 types of oregano out there so you won’t have trouble picking just the right variety to grow. 


You might have heard of catnip as a plant that cats go crazy for. But, do you know that catnip is also rich in medicinal properties for humans as well. Catnip tea is known to reduce stomach cramps, anxiety, headache and even insomnia. This isn’t surprising at all because catnip belongs to the mint family. If you decide to grow catnip, you’ll be able to cover two markets – the tea market and the pet owners market. You can sell it as a potted plant, cut it and sell it fresh or dry it out for tea consumption. 


Chamomile is probably the most common herb found in a number of homes today. This further proves the fact that there will always be a market for chamomile. Chamomile tea is a common solution to alleviate stomach aches, it can soothe your anxiety, help with sleep and help you relax. Chamomile essential oil is widely used in the cosmetic industry and aromatherapy. It’s a common ingredient in skincare products and hair care products. But above all, it’s so easy to grow and you won’t regret deciding to grow chamomile for its medicinal properties.


Calendula is similar to chamomile due to its uses and healing properties. It’s also used in the cosmetic industry and it’s often found in creams, lotions and sunscreens. Growing calendula in your herb garden is both a rewarding and a beautiful experience. Calendula flowers are beautiful orange blooms and you’ll enjoy their blooming season. This easy to grow flower will reseed itself, so you won’t have to worry about having calendula in your garden. For its health benefits, calendula is consumed in the form of tea, oils, garnishes and lotions for topical use. 

Medicinal marijuana

Medicinal marijuana is widely known for its pain management usage in patients with chronic health issues like cancer, migraine, fibromyalgia and others. It’s also used to treat mental health issues like PTSD, epilepsy, and others. Even though it has numerous health benefits proven by studies, growing cannabis is still heavily regulated. If you’re interested in growing cannabis for medicinal purposes, you should first check the law regulating this in your country. Once you learn everything there is to know before you purchase cannabis seeds from a trusted source, you’ll be ready to start your growing business. Also, remember to do your research and learn everything regarding the best growing practices, necessary equipment and potential for growing profit. 


Ginseng is widely known as traditional Chinese medicine. Its popularity has never decreased over time because it has a number of proven medicinal benefits. Ginseng is used to

It has to be noted that ginseng falls into the category of profitable plants, but it takes around six years until its fully mature for harvest. This fact has to be taken into account if you’re thinking about growing ginseng for profit. Ginseng root is used to treat fatigue, fight inflammation, boost mental health, improve blood flow, strengthen the immune system and others. Since ginseng is still referred to as green gold, you won’t go wrong if you decide to pursue growing ginseng for profit. 


You can profit from selling lavender as a live plant, essential oil, and dried product all of which have medicinal uses. People use lavender in cosmetics, aromatherapy, in tea blends, and there will always be a steady demand for lavender. Since it only requires a lot of sun and dry solid, lavender is considered a plant that is easy to grow. Additionally, the smell of lavender is quite mesmerizing and the colour is beautiful. So, you’ll definitely enjoy tending lavender as it grows into a fully blooming plant.

The last important piece of advice would be to do your research. Even though growing plants is definitely a rewarding process you should pick a plant that will turn a profit for you. While seeing plants grow from a seed to a full-grown plant will fill you up with positive feelings, you should also invest your time and money into something that has potential for success. Research local plant owners to see which plant is not present on the market, so you’ll know which plant to choose to grow. Hopefully, this article will also help you narrow down your choice and start your medicinal plant growing business.