Know Why Powerful Women in Business Wear Dresses, Not Suits

One thing that adds a lot of character to your personality is the way you dress up for work. A particular segment that uses the parameter to present a rugged appearance is the women working at high corporate positions and those who own businesses.

In the late 20th century, business suits were seen as the general attire for working women, and they loved wearing them too. However, since the early 2000s to date, a lot of changes have taken place. In other words, powerful women are now more inclined towards dresses compared to corporate suits. In the following paragraphs, we will discuss some reasons why the change has taken place. If you also want to get into your perfect office look, you can always contact us for the same.

Not following a bitten path:

Though suits are considered a good-to-go attire for corporate wear, there’s no written rule. In other words, a woman doesn’t need to follow a rule book to decide what she wants to wear. Women at high positions in the corporate try to convey the same message through their dresses. They can do the same work and exercise the same powers as their male counterparts, all while celebrating their feminine side through designer wear dresses.

Fashion and power:

If we talk about famous and young female entrepreneurs, we cannot miss out on the names of the fashion industry, and one typical example is that of Kylie Jenner. Well, we aren’t saying that she never wears a suit, but she has been rarely spotted donning one. What we aim to convey is the simple fact that women have now realized that they don’t need to ditch their fashion to adjust themselves in the business world. Another example is that of Isha Ambani, who is mostly seen wearing designer wear dresses.

Glamour factor:

We have seen a lot of change in the glamour quotient in the corporate world, and the most prominent among them is the gradual shift of the choice of attires by powerful women. The question that has led to the shift is: Who said that a businesswoman could not be glamorous? Due to the same shift, we can see that many famous women from all over the world now look parallel to supermodels and their dressing sense beats that of Hollywood divas. A famous face is that of the British-Lebanese barrister Amal Clooney. The human rights lawyer is famous for representing the Armenian genocide case, and if you want to know why we are mentioning here, you need to check out the May 2018 issue of the Vogue.


One of the apparent reasons why powerful women prefer to wear dresses and not suits is because they are simply more comfortable with the former choice. They can also pick their dress type, length, fabric, and color according to various parameters such as weather and work environment, which they don’t get while wearing a suit.


So far, we have discussed four main reasons why powerful women in business prefer to wear dresses over suits. However, they are more than scores of reasons for the same, and you will get more if you interact with them personally. Through our analysis of the dressing trends of favorably positioned corporate women, we can indeed conclude that these ladies don’t wear to impress; they wear to express themselves