Sladdra: Translation, Synonyms, And How To Use The Term


Sladdra, a Swedish word called Skvllra, indicates “love” or “friendship”. It is especially used as an adjective or noun to describe a person or an animal. It is oftentimes used in an opinion or a more formal connection. Read on to learn more about the term “sladdra”. We describe four examples of sladdra phrases.

You have probably heard the expression of Sladdra meaning if you have a love interest as the term is connected with the word “love” and “friendship”. You can use this term in a more formal connection as this term is often times used in a Mening.


Talk a lot, without meaning and context, about all kinds of trivial matters.

Synonyms In Swedish:

Tala(speak), oida (speak), samtala (converse), språka (speak),  samspråka (converse), prata (talk), glamma (glam), snacka (talk), slamra (babble), pladdra (babble), pallra (babble), jollra (babble), pjollra (babble), skvallra (gossip), kuttra(prime), glunka (coo), viska (glink), tissla (hiss), tassla (tassla).

The Nearby Words Of Sladdra:

  1. Flabbiness
    1. Slapphet , sladdrighet , slakhet
  2. Flabby
    1. Svag , klen , kraftlös ; slapp , sladdrig ; ryggradslös , vek
  3. Flaccid
    1. Slapp , sladdrig , slak
  4. Flaccidity
    1. Slapphet , sladdrighet , löshet
  5. Late child
    1. Sladdbarn ( the last child in the family, children who have older parents)
  6. Late – born
    1. Sladdbarn ( the last child in the family, children born to older parents )
  7. Nonskid
    1. Som hindrar sladdning
  8. Radio communication
    1. Radiokommunikation (wireless communication through radio waves)
  9. The car skidded
    1. Bilen sladdade
  10. Unplug
    1. Dra ur sladden ; dra ut proppen

Translate “Sladdra” From Swedish To English


sladdra Verb

  1. sladdra, (tala, säga, snacka, prata, tala om, berätta, pladdra)
  2. speak, to Verb (speaks; spoke; speaking)
  3. rattle, to Verb (rattles; rattled; rattling)
  4. blab, to Verb (blabs; blabbed; blabbing)
  5. have a conversation, to Verb (has a conversation; had a conversation; having a conversation)
  6. tell, to Verb (tells; told; telling)
  7. talk, to Verb (talks; talked; talking)
  8. chatter, to Verb (chatters; chattered; chattering)
  9. narrate, to Verb (narrates; narrated; narrating)
  10. relate, to Verb (relates; related; relating)
  11. chat, to Verb (chats; chated; chating)
  • sladdra, (babblapladdra)
  • blab, to Verb (blabs; blabbed; blabbing)
  • tell tales, to Verb (tells tales; told tales; telling tales)
  • tattle, to Verb (tattles; tattled; tattling)
  • Machine Translations
  • sladdra-  lurch
  • sladdra-  sladdra

Is Sladdra An Accurate Word?

If you are wondering about this question, is Sladdra an accurate word? Don’t look anywhere to search for its answer. This is a Swedish word that means “love” or “friendship”. The word is a synonym of Skvallra and Babbla.

Regarded Antonyms:

There are various kinds of Sladdra synonyms. We all know that a synonym can be any word that has the same meaning as similar to another word. And a Sladdra antonym is an individual word that refers to the opposite meaning of the word. The words are regarded as antonyms when they have the same meaning. So, you should use one and the other configuration of the word. Just make certain that you have already known the antonym before using the term in your writing.

The Sladdra word is also used to refer to the Norwegian language. In the most common part of Sladdra, the meaning of the word is “sladd”. The term “sladd” is a part of the Norwegian language. You can pronounce the term as “slaaddra”, “slaaddrr”, or just “sladdri”.

How To Use The Term Sladdra?

Sladdra is a Swedish word. The term is also a standard translation for ordet. You have probably heard the expression of Sladdra meaning if you have a love interest as the term is connected with the word “love” and “friendship”. You can use this term in a more formal connection as this term is often times used in a Mening.

As A Child Name In Swedish:

As a Swedish name, Sladdra is an ordinary relocation for the Swedish word “sarskild”. However, you can find the different meanings of the term sarskild in other languages. The word “sarskild” is the name of a Swedish child while the word suggests the meaning of the word “tweens”.

What Are Sladdra, Skvallra, And Babbla Words For?


Swedish: sladdra, skvallra, or babbla these are words for “dark.” sometimes they are used in an opinion, even so, they can also be used in a more authorized connection. In spite of their commonality, however, there is some major distinctness between them. Let’s discover what these words refer to and how they are used to be regarded as a dark, stormy day.


According to sociologist Robin Dunbar, “flocking” is similar to social insect picking. It is a term that means “flocking”. This is why people in a flock have the same or similar thoughts. Another word used to describe this type of manner is “skvallra.”


Another type of “skvallrar” is the process of establishing group identity. The authors of the study (Anders R OLSSON, Victoria Pagan, and Linda Skugge) found that people who feel they belong to a group are less probably to work with the same boss. They cited Linda Skugge as an example of a muted employee. However, in their view, the idea of workplace creativity is not as simple as it appears.


So, we put down as much information about the term “Sladdra” as we can. After reading the entire article, we hope you’ll get the meaning, synonyms, and uses of the word “Sladdra”. Hope you will appreciate our given answer. If you have any questions or any information about this term, please leave your comment in the comment section.