Quardle: Entry of a new player, take the word game new heights


Quardle game is the latest arcade game in the market that rules over previous best games. The developer of the game is the makers of wordle. Therefore the game touches new heights within some weeks of launch. It is the new entry to classic word puzzle games. The game is too simple to understand. However, it is a little tough and challenging to control.

Till now, the wordle game is ruling the market. Wordle is a word puzzle game. It is spreading on social media quickly and many people around the globe started to play the game. The game is all about guessing five or six-letter meaningful words from the given word puzzles. Listening to it, it seems like you are interested. So, you can play the game with your close friends and families. Moreover, you can challenge them to win against you.

What Is Quardle

The idea for this puzzle game comes from the well-known word puzzle game Wordle. Moreover, you can say it is a modified version of the wordle. In fact, the maker of the Quordle is the fan group of wordle. Therefore, the game has the touch of a wordle and some added features.

The game quickly expands on social media. More people are involved in it. They used their skill to solve not only word knowledge but also trivia and word games. The game is perfect to explore at a party, family gathering, or social rally. It will bring new people to connect with you.

Your whole day’s tiredness can be reduced through it. If you are involved too much in it, Quardole surely destresses your mind. The game is very simple to catch up. However, it is not an easy task to master it. So, you need a sharp mind. Therefore the game takes your skill test to win.

Facts About The Game

The website is a dream site for those who want to sharpen their minds through word puzzles. Moreover, anyone can use this website to play the game. Just log in to the website and play the game effortlessly.

After a lot of research, we came to some conclusions. The game is very enjoyable to play. You can expand your relationships with Quardle. Moreover, it will help to enhance your patience and sharpen your mind.

Some experts opined that the game benefits someone’s writing skills and speaking knowledge. In addition, it helps children to juggle word and loves the language. Too much involvement in these games increases the stock of words among kids.

How To Play The Game

You have to follow the below steps to play the game.

  • Log in to the official website.
  • After logging in, you will be redirected to the gaming interface.
  • Now the gamers will find letters and boxes
  • They need to guess the word according to the word, and the color of the letters will be changing.
  • The color of the game will say you the result

Rules Of The Game

On a Quardle game page, there are four empty games of boxes, which are two by two grids. And every grid has nine standard rows and five columns. You have to put five letter words. After you put the first guess, it will give your a color combination.

  • The green color means the combination of words is perfect.
  • Yellow color coded as the letter is in the word. But the combination is not correct.
  • The Grey color says that the letter is not in the combination.

The Quordle is playable from any device like a desktop, laptop, or even a smartphone. However, the game’s interface is too large to be on the screen at once. Therefore, you have to go for scroll down and play the game. Moreover, this will help you to better the gaming experience.

The Founder Of The Game

After the successful market share of the “Wordle” game, many developers want to make a game like it. One of them was David Mah. He is a professional Engineer. He developed Quardle and it was released on market on January 30.

There are more exciting facts we are going to share with you. Initially, there are two keyboards on the gaming page/ however, that changed after a few modifications. Moreover, at that time, some gamers of Ohio City could only access the game.

Is It Too Hard To Play?

The answer will be yes but no. If you just started to play the game, it seems like, very tough. However, as you practice more this will look less tough. Here you have to face challenges to solve the jigsaw.

You have to guess the correct word within nine guesses. Moreover, your hit rate should be more accurate. As you have only four chances to give the wrong answer. In fact, after only five guesses you have to correct all the guesses to win the game.

Quardle has a practice mode. However, wordle is popular due to its day-to-day puzzle approach. It’s a very famous market strategy. But per day one puzzle is not suitable for game lovers.

Why This Game Is So Popular?

After our many research, we find a number. That is per day almost 500,000 players play this game. At this present time, the number is saying how much it is popular. Because of its advanced features to Wordle, the Quardle is so much popular. Moreover, it gives you a kick whenever you solve this word puzzle.

The game is so popular not only because you can play the game and sharpen your mind but also because you challenge your family, friends, and relatives. Moreover, you can spend a long leisure period with this game.

Some Quick Tips For The Game

There is no easy and shortcut process to win the game. As much as you practice the game, your chance will be high to win the game. But here we can give you some tips that help you to win the puzzles more frequently.

The game is not so complicated to understand. However, you should have a sharp set of mind to click the right puzzles. The game will give you a challenge during the time of playing. The game needs flexible mindset players and a strong mindset to find the hidden realistic appropriate word.

  • Select simple letters and try to build words with that simple letters.
  • Don’t try to guess the correct word on the first attempt. Try to guess any kind of simple words. Then slowly goes to the correct word.
  • Choose common types of words. For instance, the words largely spread.
  • Try to select words with different letters. That will help you to know about other letters’ color coding.
  • When you started to play the game, adjust the gaming mode. If you are a beginner don’t try the harder option. Go for easy and gradually level up your gaming mode.

Let’s Go For An Example

Here you see a Quordle Gaming Interface. There are five standard columns and nine rows. You have to enter a five-letter word and press enter. After that, you will find the color coding.

Let’s put “WOMAN”. The word has now appeared in the four grids.

In the first grid, on the top left, the letter “O” is found in yellow color. It means, the first word is consist of the O letter. But it is not in the right place.

In the second grid, top right you see that O is now green but M and A is yellow. That means the word has “O” in the second place and M and A on the word. But M and A are not in their own place.

M and A have to move from the three and four positions to the first or fifth position or they need to interchange their place to make the word accurate.

As we mentioned earlier you have only nine guesses to make the Quardle perfectly matched.

Where Can I Get The Game

You have to visit Quordle.com to play the game. It is free and open to all. In addition, it has no annexation with the popular game Wordle. Both have completely different domains.


In conclusion, we already found that Quardle is becoming more popular. As its number proves it. Many gamers 8in recent timers, changed their gaming site.

Experts also said to play the game more. As it sharpens your mind and gathered more stock of words. Moreover, the nine guessing challenges, make you more efficient and grew your accuracy rate.

So, why are you waiting? Let’s go to the official site and enjoy the game.

Frequently Asked Questions(FAQs)-

What is Quardle?

Quardle is a word puzzle game. Moreover, it is a successor and advanced version of Wordle.

Who is the founder of Quardle?

Many people say that a group of Wordle fans makes the Quardle. However, David Mah is the founder of Quardle as our research.

How many grids are present in a standard Quardle interface?

There are 2*2, which is equal to  4 grids are present in a Quardle interface.

How many rows and columns are in a standard Quardle Grid?

There are nine rows and five columns in a standard Quardle grid.

What are the color remarks in the table?

The green color means the letter is on the word and in the right place.
The yellow color means the letter is on the word but not in the right place.
Grey color means the latter is not on the word.