Keep yourself prevented from breast cancer side-effects

Breast Cancer

Every time any woman hears the words ” breast cancer “, the first reaction is fear followed by doubt. The doubt of “What if I have it?”. But with the medical advancements all around us, it is safe to say that there are factors that can help us prevent it.

Weight Maintenance:

This is something you may have heard numerous times for various ailments. That is because it’s true and correlated to the standard Breast Cancer Treatment In India. Obesity can heighten the danger of cancers, including breast cancer,

Physical Activity:

Daily exercise is just as important as any other health factor to be considered. Women who have an active routine and follow daily exercise regimes, for even as less as 30 minutes a day, have decreased chances of succumbing to cancer. Regular physical exercise is known to be one of the most effective methods for maintaining one’s weight.

Eat Healthily:

A wholesome and nutritious diet will assist you in battling the dangers of breast cancer. The daily consumption of fruits and green vegetables can help you out. Try to reduce the content of alcohol consumption. Even though moderate alcohol consumption is not worrisome,l intake of alcoholic beverages may end up increasing your risk of breast cancer. Heavy drinkers are advised to curtail their consumption to a certain degree.

Quit Smoking:

Even if you’re a non-smoker, you understand the risks entailed with the activity. Cigarette smoking not only decreases the quality of life but also increases the threats of cardiac ailments, strokes, and cancer (including breast cancer). So stay motivated and say no to cigarette smoking.


According to several studies, mothers that breastfeed their babies have a reduced chance of contracting breast cancer. Breastfeeding has also been proven to have impressive health benefits for the newborn child.

Avoidance of Birth Control Pills:

Birth control pills have their advantages and shortcomings. Such risks are lower in younger women, but these risks keep increasing with the intake of these pills with age. It can be reduced by curtailing the intake of this drug. Even strokes and heart attacks are some of the risks that you undertake due to the consumption of this pill. 

Avoidance of Post-Menopausal Hormones:

The long term usage of these post-menopausal hormones is not advisable as they are unable to prevent ailments like osteoporosis and cardiac disorders. Numerous researches have shown that these hormones may have their advantages against some diseases while enhancing the threat of specific ailments on the body. Hormones like estrogen and estrogen-plus-progestin raise the danger of breast cancer. If women do decide to take post-menopausal hormones, the intake period should be minimal. Always consult your physician before the consumption of such prescriptions.

Family History:

You need to check whether there’s a history of cancer in your family. This can help you take precautions. Check if your mother or sister or any close related women in your family might have had breast cancer surgery. You may even seek the assistance of your physician or a specialist to understand the history of your family with cases of breast cancer.


Precaution is always deemed better than the cure itself. Being aware of your body’s conditions is advisable. Mammographies to check for breast cancer screening have been known to save lives. It might not help you to prevent breast cancer, but it will give you an edge when it comes to Breast Cancer Treatment In India. Early detection of this can help you get started on the treatment and getting better chances at pulling through.

Yes, breast cancer sounds like a monster of a disease, but this monster can be defeated. Precautions and awareness become key factors fighting it off. Medical advancements, too, have made it possible by providing better odds against it.