How to Update Drivers on Windows 10 Easily

Update Drivers

Drivers are the bridges that connect the computer system to the hardware peripherals including mice, printers, scanners, keyboards, monitors, sound cards, graphic cards and many more.

The hardware you have installed on your computer is as good as the status of the relevant driver. An outdated or corrupted driver may cause system freeze, crashes, slowdowns and the worst of all you may even see the ‘Blue Screen Of Death’.

Therefore it is very important to have the latest drivers and keep the system up and running.

Let us check out some simple yet effective ways to renovate the drivers on Windows 10.

Methods to Update Drivers on Windows 10:

Following are some methods you can use to fix the old drivers easily.

1. Update the Drivers Using the Device Manager

The device manager is a helpful utility to check the status of the hardware attached to your system. You can easily fix the broken drivers using this tool.

Following are some step you can take to improve the drivers:

  • Click on the ‘Windows Button’
  • Type in ‘Device Manager’
  • Click on the ‘Device Manager’
  • Click on the category to view names of devices
  • Select the driver and right-click on it.
  • Select the option ‘Search automatically for updated driver software’
  • Click on the ‘Update Driver’

Once you click on the ‘update driver’ button, the system will automatically start searching for the latest version of that particular driver.

It is one of the easiest ways to renovate the drivers.

2. Use a Driver Updater Software to Easily Fix the Old Drivers

This is another easy way to upgrade the broken drivers. You can install one free driver updater software on your computer to tackle the driver-related issues.

This software intelligently searches for old and outdated drivers and generates a detailed report.

You can easily select the drivers you want to fix.

These are some features of the bestfree driver updater software:

  • A huge database of drivers and you can select from a list of above 250,000 drivers
  • One-click downloads eat less time so you can do other things
  • The driver exclusion list helps the user to select specific drivers that need updates.
  • Faster downloads enable faster driver up-gradation.

You download a driver updater application to automatically renovate your Windows drivers.

3. Fix Those Drivers Easily Using Windows Update

Windows Update is a fantastic tool that automatically looks for drivers that need update. This utility not only checks for driver updates but also for any system update that is essential and available.

Following are some steps you can take to update the drivers easily using Windows Update:

  • Click on the ‘Windows’ button
  • Click on ‘Settings’
  • Select the option ‘Update and Security’
  • Select the option ‘Windows Update’
  • Click on the ‘Check for updates’ button

After you click on the ‘check for update button’, the system automatically starts checking if there are any updates available. Drivers are automatically fixed if the updates are available. Once downloaded you can use the Device Manager tool to install them.

After the procedure Windows may ask you to restart the system.

4. Visit the Original Manufacturer’s Website to Download the Drivers Easily

If you have time you can visit the Original Equipment Manufacturer’s website to look for the relevant updates. Such websites are the best source to find legitimate updates easily.

You can follow these steps to download the required files:

  • Visit the website
  • Check for the driver download page
  • Carefully look for the version number of the hardware you have
  • Check if the available update is compatible with your Windows 10.
  • Download the file

Once you download the file, you can install it using the Device Manager tool.

This is one of the secured ways to get the driver updates easily.

Concluding Words

So these are some easy yet effective ways to update the drivers in Windows 10. Old and corrupted drivers may mess up with the system and can cause system crashes. Updating drivers is really important.

To keep the system healthy and prevent it from crashing down or if you want to prevent any hardware malfunction in the future, you should update the system drivers.