iTop VPN – Common Questions about VPNs

iTop VPN

the cost of participating in the digital world is our data and privacy. Almost every other website that you visit, your current location, what you spend on, and what you are paying for, among several other information types are tracked, collected, classified and monetized by big tech.

for the above reasons, a virtual private network becomes important to keep your personal information safe and your online activities encrypted. Below are some of the common questions about  how iTop VPN and other VPNs help secure your online activities

How does VPN Work?

A virtual private network is a bridge between your network and the rest of the internet. It protects your internet protocol (IP) by creating a new connection from your end to another server in the country you prefer. To the rest of the internet, your IP address originates from that location. In addition, it encrypts all the data that goes through its application to enhance your online privacy.

iTop VPN provides a 256-bit encryption layer over your internet request activities to ensure that your information, location, and browsing activities are nonsensical to whoever tries to track you.

Many websites block IP addresses from specific countries, particularly India, due to the high frequency of hacking attempts. Fortunately, an India VPN will protect your network traffic and allow you to bypass school network and workplace restrictions without being detected.

Do VPNs Protect your Privacy?

There are different VPN service providers. For this reason, there are different levels of expectations placed on the kind of protection service that they can provide to you whenever you go online. iTop offers a top-of-the-class level of protection to you when you choose to use our services. iTop VPN deploys the best services to ensure that your internet activities are safe and secure.

In addition, to ensure your total privacy, you should note that some VPNs focus more on the general data privacy of their users and ignore complex safety features that are equally important.

Benefits of using iTop VPN and other VPN options

While VPNs provide the general security and privacy that you require to interact online, iTop VPN, among others, take this further a notch. Below benefit refer

  • 100% free to use
  • No bandwidth throttling
  • Conceal your browsing information
  • Walk-aroundGeo-bocking
  • 256-bit encryption layer for information protection

Does iTop VPN and other VPNs make you anonymous?

Encrypting your information online makes you appear almost invisible and anonymous. Well, almost – because it just became harder for observers to identify and track your information. While VPNs provide a level of anonymity by improving your data encryption, it is not totally impossible to get bits of information from your activities online. With iTop VPN, you can be sure that your data is encrypted and will require several hours and wasted resources for hackers to decipher the minutest information about you.

What devices are iTop VPN compatible with?

Our team are continually developing improvements to our applications on a different platform. Currently, iTop VPN provides VPN for Mac, Windows, Android, and iOS devices. You should download VPN for Mac if you are a Mac user to ensure compatibility. You can also download applicable applications for your device type to ensure ease of installment and use.