Badge printing and how to use efficiently!

Badge printing

Badge printing is a symbolic representation of any event or organization. Such representation allows the provision of relevant information to attendants about events. Moreover, it is an ideal way to formulate networking rationally and may act as the pathway for access.

The latter makes badge printing a medium of one’s identification and hence, simplification for the attendants to get the first contact.

Printing a badge is a straightforward process, but it may affect the streamlined way the event takes place. Therefore, efficiency has to be considered promptly for the event to be smooth and responsive.

Five ways to use badge printing efficiently?

Here are a few ways to utilize the badge printing process more efficiently:

1- Print on Demand

Usually, there are two ways of printing badges. One may do it beforehand or on demand as the attendants enter the event premises. Doing it seems like an efficient and organized way of printing badges, but it requires significant exertion to ensure smooth printing. Moreover, the transportation and organizing of all the badges seem like havoc. The chaos may cause great stress to the employees, especially the onsite staff. Nevertheless, the event mishaps as the team invest most of their energy in sorting out the badges – Meaning longer queues.

Therefore, one should opt for on-demand printing to avoid such mishappenings. It is a much faster, reliable, and stress-free option that smoothest the course of events. Consequently, the attendants check in and receive their passes within a few seconds to escort them to the respective auditorium duly.

2- Utilize Modern Technology

Technology is pivotal in planning, managing, and tracking different aspects of the occasion. One such innovative breakthrough is the use of on-demand printing technology. The technology is easy to integrate with your recurrent software. Therefore, it becomes pretty simple as you would not need to formulate the registration and enrollment database from the start. Hence, with the subsequent check-ins, it is easier for the staff to print the badges with all the information accessible.

One can choose the barcodes or facial recognition for the attendants to confirm their registration on entry for a hassle-free experience. Technology integration makes the badge printing process relatively more straightforward, efficient, and timely.

3- Onsite Printing to Eliminate Waste

As per surveys and general observation, only 60% of your invited or registered guests will attend your event. If you ask your closest friends and family, you can be optimistic and expect 75% to come. A bitter pill to swallow, indeed! Plus, badge printing is usually practiced in professional events with big names on the guest list, so that you can expect more excuses.

Under such circumstances, pre-printing badges would mean flushing down the money and time required to produce every 4 out of 10 badges. Further, add up those entries which will need a name change. Onsite badge printing is an efficient way to eliminate the waste of time and resources. Print the card when the guest arrives and let them proudly make whatever changes they wish to wear.

It will also free up many staff members before the event since there will be no need to print and sort badges ahead of time.

4- QR code Kiosks

Take the badge printing game to another level by letting QR kiosks do the hectic work. The excellence of any event is measured in terms of management, seamlessness, and innovation. QR code scanning to acquire your badge is a great way to keep the entrance queue moving. You can install multiple QR scan stations depending on the number of guests expected. It will ensure that no one has to wait.

You can dispatch a personal QR code to the registered guests via email. The participant can then print or verify the email on their phone to acquire their card. You can enter the participant’s name into the badge printing system to generate a badge instantly in case an attendee cannot access their QR code.

It also enables the option of self-check-in. All it takes is a QR kiosk that can scan the QR code on the phone. The badge is printed and issued within seconds as the scanner scans the QR code from the mobile screen. It is an expensive option that will cast an opulent impression to become the grist for the gossip mill.

5- Event app

Want to save yourself from the hassle of emailing QR codes to everyone and the expense of installing QR stations without compromising on the features and benefits of it? The event app is a perfect alternative utilized commonly by event managers in contemporary times.

All guests must download the event mobile application before the event’s commencement. The QR code in the app is used to verify the guests. Attendants will be stationed at the event’s entryway. As soon as the participant enters the event, they present the QR code to the receptionist, who scans it, and the badge pops out in a flash.

The artfully made iOS event check-in app makes it simple to step into any event. The user-friendly interface is designed to be ready to use right away. Buy from Ebadges and utilize badge printing efficiently. You will not get a better offer from another supplier.