How To Find The Right Piece Of Jewelry As Per Your Outfits

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Read this post to learn how to choose accessories that lift the style, rather than ruining it. It’s no secret that the right accessories can elevate the whole outfit. But, in the same way, the wrong accessories can destroy the style and the impression. Therefore, choosing the right piece of jewelry for what you wear is far more critical than many of us think. Especially when you have an abundance of options like a karma circle necklace, gold necklace, chains, silver pendants, different style earrings, rings, … and the list goes on and on.

To help you get sorted, here are some expert considerations in this regard:

Statement Jewelry

The large and eye-catching statement jewelry best suits a calm and dimmed outfit. If you are wearing a simple t-shirt, a solid color dress or a classic shirt, it is super cute with a piece of jewelry that makes a lot of effort to spice up the style. When the necklace is large, it is best to drop the earrings or at least keep them small and discreet. If you choose an average size necklace, go for Adorn512 earrings. You will find them in various designs, select the one that best suits your outfit.

Simple Chains

Another critical trend now is the subtle and simple chains. These fit perfectly with outfits that already have embellishments or details. You can either go for a single piece of jewelry or mix several for a personal twist.

Both gold and silver are hot now, and you can even mix the various metals for an exciting look. Or, you can use multiple chains with a beautiful small karma necklace. It looks great on both classic and casual outfits.

Bonus Tip: When the top is embellished (has details or patterns), it is nice to keep the accessories simple.

Gold Jewelry Trends

The gold jewelry is a staple in any woman’s jewelry box. People have used gold for jewelry for centuries. Although the tradition has always been closely related to yellow gold. Other colors such as white, or pink, more modern and daring, are in trend but not that much admired.

Here we tell you what trends you will see everywhere:

Rose Gold: For The Most Daring

Rose gold is being a revolution in jewelry. Although we knew it for a few years, more and more jewelry is requested with this type of gold. Rose gold is formed from the mixture of gold with copper, which results in this more pinkish hue. Without a doubt, it is the trend that is triumphing the most, especially in the younger audience. Being a very pink gold, it gives a very feminine, elegant, and daring sensation of jewelry.

Surely you have already started to see it in necklaces, rings, and bracelets combined with stones and gems.

White Gold: A Sure Value For Your Day To Day

White gold is the most elegant way to wear a jewel made with gold. Its characteristic color is a result of uniting gold with silver or palladium. It is usually the preferred option for brides for their engagement ring as it is perfectly attached to a precious stone such as a diamond or sapphire. The white color of gold makes this stone stand out even more.

Yellow Gold: The Classic For Sure Success

Yellow gold has always been the most valued and desired option in jewelry for many years. It is the most classic option of wearing a gold jewel since the yellow color was much more requested previously than now.

Although this option today is more of a drop layer because the shades of various colors prevail, such as the rose gold that we have discussed before or red gold. Surely in your family, there are several pieces of yellow gold jewelry such as a bracelet, a ring, a necklace, or even a wedding band.

Final Tip – Don’t Make it Too Much

For the daring, it is quite possible to run with colors, patterns, and large jewelry at once, but be aware that it can quickly become a bit much. A good rule is that the outfit should preferably have clean lines if you want to avoid the style getting too messy.

Key Takeaways:

  • Statement jewelry (such as large chains and earrings) usually looks the finest in combination with dimmed / solid-colored / simple outfits.
  • Simple jewelry suits most outfits. If you have a simple outfit, you can run layer-by-layer with simple jewelry like chains and a gold or silver karma circle necklace.
  • If you want to combine an outfit that makes a lot out of it with great jewelry, make sure the outfit has clean lines.

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