How can we monitor our kids Facebook with theonespy app?

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Kids are fond of social media websites, instant messaging apps, and other digital social platforms. Out of all Facebook happens to one of the best and all-time favorite social site for kids and teens. Today, kids are used to spending plenty of time on their Facebook profiles form sending messages to uploading photos and videos unlimited is the best activities of children. On the other hand, parents are concerned about kid’s activities on social media website and they want to make checks on kids posting. TheOneSpy app, cell phone and computer monitoring software with advanced Facebook logging and social media monitoring features happens to one of the best tools that empower to monitor our kid’s FB activities.

Social media Monitoring help out parents to resolve kid’s issues

Young kids, tweens and teens love to use Facebook and plenty of other social messaging apps and social sites. Parents can guide their kids and teens on how to adopt civility online and further, they should get to know when civility online is a duty and when is it a trap. There are plenty of other dangers are associated with FB that can harm your child to the fullest. Your child can get bullies online and it would affect a kid’s social life at the end of the day.

Online predators are reportedly targeting kids on social media platforms and FB in particular. Moreover, teens get involved in plenty of other activities by using FB such as hookups, sharing sexual suggestive images, obscenity and also get trapped by the stalkers and sexual predators. Therefore, knowing your kids’ activities on FB would help you out to keep them safe on the social media site.

Facebook logging can turn the table over with its best and powerful features by using TOS on kid’s mobile phone devices activated with Facebook. The remote cell phone and PC tracking app is the parent’s first choice for tracking social media.

TOS logging features empowers users to monitor every single activity happen on the target computer device of your child active with social media website. Let’s get to know how you can spy on Facebook.

Install TheOneSpy on kid’s cell phone or PC

Step1: Get Subscription for TOS online

Before you go for the subscription you need to know the compatibility of the target device with the TOS. Once you are sure about getting the subscription. You need to visit the webpage of TheOneSpy and get the subscription instantly and you will get an email alongside the passcode and ID.Then you can you can use theonespy app.

Step2: Start installation process having access on kid’s phone or PC

Now you have to have the physical access on the target mobile device or computer and get started with the process of installation. Once you have done with the installation process complete then activate it on the target device.

Step3: Get access to the online dashboard

Use the credentials and get access to the electronic web portal of TOS and further go to the concerned features that empower you to track Facebook using a messenger spy app. Let’s get to know about the best tools for cell phones and computers to activate with FB.

Step4: Use Powerful features to monitor Facebook

Live screen recording: cell phone monitoring app

The end-user can perform live screen recording on the target mobile device of kids in real-time. It enables user to record a short video of the screen when kids are using FB. You can record short videos and upload the data to the online control panel. You can see the live activities of kids on FB messenger.

Facebook logging

You can use messenger spy software on kid’s cell phone and get the logs in terms of text messages, conversations, shared video photos and audio-video call logs and last but not least Facebook voice messages.

Screen recording: computer tracking software

The end-user can also spy on social media apps on windows and mac laptop and desktop PCs and perform screen recording. It empowers you to make short videos of the screen and upload the recorded videos to the web portal when kids are using social media websites.


TheOneSpy app is the best tool for parents to do surveillance on Facebook to make sure their safety on social media websites and messenger to the fullest.