Facebook or Twitter: Which one is better for Online Marketing?

social media marketing

If you are running a business in today’s world there is no way that you are not aware of how is an essential tool. Now that we’re talking about social media let’s start with Facebook and twitter being at the top position. They have remained by far the most preferred choice for a lot of marketers lately and they have earned their positions. Both channels are great mediums to influence but how do we choose between Facebook and Twitter? Which one of these adaptive, innovative, smart and ready-to-mould-themselves according to their clients’ platform would you want to work with?

Let’s make it simpler by understanding what these social media sites are.

Facebook is a platform for social networking and it is a place to share photos, updates, statuses, and information with those who follow or like you or who is your friend. It’s not only for your personal use but can be used for business as well. Millions of brands are getting recognition due to this amazing platform.Twitter on the other hand has users that contribute to generating 175 million tweets everyday. Twitter is an easy way to connect with people in a very sharp, crisp and concise way. It will take only 140 characters to get noticed, read, re-tweeted, clicked, stalked or followed. Make the 140 characters that you get count, make them worth it. When you turn to online marketing on twitter make sure that the content that is being posted is appealing and tantalizing so that it makes people stop and not scroll through it. Make sure when you create, you create to engage.

Now let’s start by comparing numbers. As we all know Facebook and twitter have come a long way and it has made pretty sure that any social media channel it really hard to catch up with them but let me tell you in simple words, Facebook is the elder sibling and Twitter is the younger one, mere difference of 2 years but they have caught up with each other. Statistics show that Facebook has a total of 83% and 75% of female and male users, respectively. More than 22% of the entire population of the world is using Facebook actively. Now if we come to Twitter, we have got 330 million monthly active users. We have more than 310 billion twitter accounts that have been created and more than 83% of the world’s leaders are on Twitter.

Well, now that we have already talked about the stats, let’s start talking about the audience involved in these statistics. If we had to start from somewhere, let’s start by stating that Facebook is one of the most active social media sites as it owns Instagram and Whatsapp now. This has an appeal for every generation who seem to be drawn towards the idea of connecting with people, be it family, friends, relatives, or strangers that you meet randomly while travelling. Facebook is easily usable and also very easily accessible. 

Facebook and Twitter, both have experimented with videos. Visual content attracts everybody and it is a great way to engage with potential customers and with the ones who are already the part of the audience. Facebook came up with Facebook live and twitter came up with periscope to stream live videos, help clients and brands to show their transparent side. Facebook users watch a total of 100 million hours of video every day and that’s a lot of content consumption. Facebook is directly competing with YouTube for viewership and not Twitter.  The more attractive your video is, the chances are more that, the audience will remember the ad or the video. The first few seconds of any video are crucial because they decide whether the target audience is going to watch it or not. Make sure to make the entire video engaging and interesting.

Facebook has more companies and these companies have more time to make an impact on the targeted audience but thisis not same with twitter, people tweet and within seconds you can see that it has been wiped off or it has been replaced by something that is more interesting. Facebook clearly dominates the social space as it is clearly more addictive according to a lot of researchers. Facebook is a huge and a great platform for reaching out to customers, getting likes on a Facebook page is difficult then gaining followers on twitter. Companies have to devote a lot of time on Facebook to get the engagement but it is not the same for twitter because it acts like an elevator for your brand. It helps you in getting your point across very quickly as very smoothly. Unique online marketing of Facebook for online marketing includes pages to watch, app analytics, Facebook messenger for business and detailed analytics whereas on the other hand twitter for online marketing gives services such as go-live buttons for the periscope, twitter cards and other anti-harassment features.

Both Twitter and Facebook deliver great information and they also help in spreading awareness in their own unique ways. Each platform has something different to serve and you need to grasp what that something is by experimenting. Nowadays social media marketing is extremely easy because we have the right audience and the right strategies provided to us by various social media companies. If you want to make sure that you are using the right platform for your business then make sure that you are fully aware of all the strategies and techniques and you can hire a digital marketing company for Plan execute and make sure to make the right choice.