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Europe, a huge continent, is an enlivening tourist destination with diverse beauty, world-famous places to visit and various dining and shopping options. Surrounded by major attractions in all directions—Asian in the east, the Atlantic Ocean in the west, the Arctic Ocean in the north and the Mediterranean Sea in the south—it is the apple of most tourists’ eyes the world over. It has mild weather conditions and flourishes with rich flora and fauna.  For the accommodations of tourists, Europe holiday rentals,furnished with all the modern facilities and amenities, are available at different budgets.

Chief Natural Wonders

Europe is a magnificent destination with diverse natural beauty. The most popular natural attractions that should capture your attention include the following:

Vlychos Beach, Hydra Island, Greece

As one of the most beautiful beaches on Hydra, it has a very refreshing environment, which will revitalize you. It is believed that the sand was brought on this beach by the owner of the bar for its renovation. Here, you can sip a cocktail and listen to the deafening music of the seventies.

CalaPregonda, Menorca Island, Spain

Located on Menorca Island, it is one of the four islands that form the Balearic archipelago. Because of its exceptional natural beauty, it is famous as ‘paradise beach’. It has a scenic environment and is laden with golden sand. You can dive into the water and watch a shoal of fish moving helter-skelter.

Positano Beach, Italy

Located on the Amalfi Coast, it is considered as one of the most beautiful places not only in Italy but also the world. The best thing about it is that it is suitable for couples of all ages. It is so beautiful that the Nature God must have used His abracadabra to make it.

Numana Alta Beach, Italy

It is an unspoilt beach with sufficient sunlight, crystal-clear water, large pine trees and restaurants. In addition, it has playgrounds and furnished with all the facilities. It has a very quiet environment, so you can lie here to relax. It remains protected from strong winds by the reefs.

Saleccia Beach, Corsica, France

Located on the northern coast of Corsica, it is one of the best beaches in France. It has crystal-clear waters and white sand. The road leading to this beach lies in a dilapidated condition, so you need to be sure-footed lest you should get hurt. It has a campsite and a shop lies at a distance of 400 meters from it.

The Most Prominent Places to Visit

Europe boasts many dynamic cities that are famous for their rich culture and heritage, stunning architecture, luscious foods and activities. Those that you should put your radar include the following:

Lisbon, Portugal

The importance of this place can be gauged from this fact that your European vacation holds no importance for you without flying into it. It teems with many ancient and historical buildings. Just to name a few, they include Sao Jorge’s Castle, the Ponte 25 de Abril Bridge and the Santa Justa Lift.

Budapest, Hungary

This is one of the best cities in Europe for those, who are curious to delve into history. It boasts many Jewish and Budapest History Museums. It abounds with cobblestone and Gothic streets. In addition, it has many fusion restaurants that serve both eastern and western cuisines. The Chain Bridge is one of the best attractions of this city that should not elope your attention.

Reykjavik, Iceland

When it a matter of visiting European destinations, Reykjavik gets one of the top positions in most tourists’ bucket lists. Because of its geographical position, it has a pleasant climate and receives plentiful sunshine. It has colorful fields and gorgeous hiking trails. Hallgrimskirkja, a concrete church, is one of the best attractions in this city. May shops and restaurants are also located here.

London, England

Famous as one of the most dynamic cities in the world, it has a blend of traditional and modern values. The chief attractions of this city include Buckingham Palace, the Shard, the London Eye, Westminster abbey and Borough Market. In addition, it has many notable restaurants, parks, public libraries and many other recreational spots.

Prague, Czech Republic

This city is suitable for every type of traveler, ranging from nomads, backpackers to honeymooners. In addition, it has a rich history and abounds with the Astronomical Clock, Gothic churches and the Charles Bridge. Bike rentals are available for tourists to roam this city.

Get set to set out for Europe. You will feel mesmerized amidst its natural attractions and dynamic cities. Regarding your accommodations, get in touch with one of the best holiday rental websites by owners in Europe.

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