Awesome Beach Resorts to Consider For Your Andaman Honeymoon

Awesome Beach Resorts

One of the best awesome Beach Resorts in India is Andaman Nicobar islands, consists of plenty island, white sands and blue water. These various islands makes this unique and glorious, and people escape here to spend their valuable holidays here.

Once upon a time, the place was known as “Kaala Paani”. The natural beauty of Andaman Nicobar awe all the couples. So most of the couple choose this place as honeymoon. This is the best place to adventure for newly married couples. 

Also, there are so many exciting activities, which will make your honeymoon memorable, like – snorkelling, diving, water sports, scuba diving, parasailing etc. Some best places to visit of Andaman are – Havelock Island, Radhanagar Beach, Cellular Jail, Ross Island, Viper Island, Neil Island, Baratang Island, Wandoor Beach, etc.

Also for making your trip memorable, there are comfortable, reasonable resorts there, such as – Sea Shell Havelock, Sea Shell Neil, Fortune Resort Bay Island, Rose Valley Resort, Blue Bird Resort etc.

1. Sea Shell Havelock

Sea Shell Havelock

Sea Shell Havelock is one of the best resorts in Andaman. This contains a number of cottages beautifully made of wood, covered with cerulean water. Plenty of coconut trees can be found across the pale of the resort. Its wonderful infrastructure is a refreshment of travelers. And the best place for spending crucial time with your partner. Its position is also excellent, just 1.5 hours required from Port Blair to reach this resort. Newly married couples can celebrate their honeymoon by candle light dinner here. This is one of the best choices for family trips because a swimming pool is there for kids.

2.  Sea Shell Neil

Another great resort of Andaman is Sea Shell Neil. This resort will provide you great comfort during your trip in Andaman Packages. Their updated convenience and environment pleased every traveler. The perfect resort for making your honeymoon private, and memorable. A walk on white sand with your partner will be an unforgettable moment with your partner. This is also not very distant from Port Blair, so the transportation is also available. Apart from its great infrastructure, the resort provides you delicious dishes. Multi items are available for kids, for adults. Moreover, seafood are available on their menu.

3. Fortune Resort Bay Island

Another glorious resort of Andaman is Fortune Resort Bay Island. The wide area of this resort supports near about 45 rooms, which are ample, and vast as well. Also, they are providing air conditioner rooms and foreigners can change their currency from the resort’s reception. Also, there is an azure pool inside the resort. There are so many visiting places near the resort, like – Clock Tower, City Centre, Marina Park, National Jail Museum, etc.

4. Rose Valley Resort

Rose Valley Resort is one of the best resorts for Honeymoon. The resort is surrounded by a beautiful, decorated garden. They provide you luxury convenience to spend a memorable time with your partner. You can do so many exciting activities, like swimming with your partner, outdoor and indoor games, by playing badminton, enjoying the bar, candle light dinner, etc. This is situated at a 15 km distance from Port Blair. So communication is easy from the resort. Moreover, the resort has gymnasium and health club.


5. Blue Bird Resort

Another amazing, unique resort of Andaman is Blue Bird Resort. The resort is surrounded by plenty of Coconut and Cane trees. There are 14 numbers of wooden cottages inside the resort. To reach this resort, 1.5 hours is needed from Port Blair. They are providing good, comfortable services to the travelers. Their restaurant consists of multi dishes. They have various kinds of foods, like – Balinese food, Chinese food, and Indian foods also. Also, you can spend a romantic dreamy candle light dinner with your partner. So undoubtedly your honeymoon will be damn romantic and memorable in this resort. Also, you can do exciting activities with your partner, like – snorkelling, scuba diving etc and you can plan the 5 Days Andaman Tour.

Conclusion These are some example of best resorts in Andaman. They are imperfectly perfect for newly married couple for carrying their trip private, comfortable as well. There resorts are also appropriate for family trip.