Caribbean Vacation Homes Rentals by Owner with No Booking Fee

Caribbean Vacation Rentals by Owner

If you have a great love for your family in your heart, you have a great opportunity to spend some quality time with them in the Caribbean. This is a huge tourist destination with many islands, cays, reefs and islets. In addition, it has various species of plants and animals and provides plenty of opportunities for tourists to indulge in adventures. Its cuisines are also famous the world over for their aroma and flavor. In terms of accommodations, vacation rental homes, furnished with all the modern amenities, are available at affordable prices. It is suggested that you contact one of the best Caribbean vacation rentals by owner to book a rental home.

Must-Visit Places for You and Your Family

Although the Caribbean boasts many places, must-visit places for you and your family include the following:

Folkestone Marine Park & Museum: Located outside of Holetown, this is a multipurpose park, where you can enjoy very exciting activities, such as diving and snorkeling. It also features a beach, a playground and a marine park, where you should spend your time with your family. Stavronikitia is one of the best attractions in the marine park. It is a sinking ship that rests in 120 feet of water. It is also a popular diving site. You can also explore marine life. The water is very calm here, so it a good platform for kayaking and paddleboarding. The park also features a playground, picnic tables and tennis courts.

Sunbury Plantation: Known to have been built in 1660, this grandiose mansion enables tourists to get an insight into the life of early inhabitants of this region. At present, it works as a museum that features various primitive items— mahogany furniture and horse-drawn carriages. While on a tour, you can visit every room. Recently, it was renovated to look more appealing to tourists. It also features a parking area and walkway, which are made of very old bricks. Its gardens too have been refurbished with the plantation of new species of plants. Its historical artifacts are a great source of attraction to tourists.

Andromeda Botanic Gardens: This is a colorful garden with various species of plants and flowers. Just to name a few, they include the rhododendrons, the palms and fig. It features grass paths, stepping stones and brick walkways to enable tourists to visit it without any difficulty. It is believed that once trees grew in a very large number on this island and they were a great source of inspiration to Portuguese sailors, who rechristened this island as ‘Barbados’. From the top of the garden, you can have a glimpse of the ocean. Trails are rough and rugged, so you might face some mobility issues.

Welchman Hall Gully: Quite different from other gardens on the island, this has something new to offer to tourists. With tropical plants and flowers, it gives a naturally blessed experience to them. Nestled in the dilapidated caves, it has interesting things—flowering plants, huge bamboo trees, a pond and monkey play area, where you can see a group of green monkeys playing.  In addition, you can also see various species of animals. It is also home to a covered shelter, where you can rest and relax after a hectic touring. Cafeterias are also located nearby, where you can have refreshment.

Farley Hill National Park: This is a very old building, known to have been built in 1818. Later, it was pulled down in the 1940s and restored in 1950s as a filming site. Afterwards, the government took possession of this building and transformed it into Farley Hill National Park. At present, it is spread over 17-acre of land and features the front garden, a region with mahogany trees and picnic tables. So, you can have the time of your life here. Green monkeys are seen lounging on trees. You can chat with them through gestures and offer morsel to them. The park is fenced off, so you will remain completely protected inside it.

Dining and Shopping

Dining is a great pleasure in the Caribbean. The popular restaurants located here are the Belem at Le Cap, La Estacion, Blue by Eric Ripert, Jade Mountain Club and the Gazebo, GoldenEye. Visit them along with your family to relish various à la carte items. The largest shopping malls, where you can indulge in an amazing shopping spree are Agora Mall, Plaza Las Americas, Port Lucaya Marketplace and Plaza La Estrella.

Do not miss an opportunity to spend quality time with your family in the Caribbean. It is a family-friendly destination with both natural and man-made attractions, mouth-watering cuisines and shopping opportunities. Regarding your accommodations, get one of the Caribbean vacation homes booked. Travelers will get full satisfied for their vacation in this destination.