Your Checklist for Custom Utility Vehicles in a Golf Course

golf course equipment

Their tradition of having shortcomings in a golf course has long gone. The competition has raised the bar and tightened the operations required for Golf course maintenance. The golf course equipment has been upgraded, the manager is more qualified, and more importantly, the facility owner is more focused.

These changes have come over the years. However, we can still say it was a quick shift towards a more advanced form of management. How do you think this upgrade was done? While we know what to change, how it was to be changed was the question.

As an equipment manager, a lot was changed. The evolution of the checklist to maintain in the facility was something they needed to concentrate on. Custom utility vehicles were the most important. For example, if the managers focused on Golf course mowers, now, it was time to check all the accessories to sustain that equipment. With this modern perspective, let’s go to the checklist to maintain custom mobility vehicles in a golf course.

The Checklist

Height of grass and cutting paper

There’s a chance that the cutting paper in the equipment gets damaged, and it doesn’t cut finely. Also, there’s a chance of your equipment getting knocked if you don’t get it serviced properly. So, the manager has to keep in mind the height of grass, the cutting paper, and all the other related accessories of a golf course mower. If there is a need to make small adjustments, the equipment should be versatile enough.

Quiet generator

The quiet generator is an invaluable tool and often a neglected piece of equipment. If the power goes down at any time, it works silently and supplies the energy to different equipment. There are many cases where you need instant irrigation or mowing, which is not possible without an adequate power backup.

Tools and storage

While making repairs to your golf course equipment, you’ll need to store some appropriate tools. If they are not available, it gets irritating to maintain the whole field. Also, you should have the personnel who knows how to use them by identifying the related issue in the equipment. If you have a qualified repair manager, you can determine repair and replace cycles for particular equipment.

Jump box

One of the most common problems on a golf course field is the lack of charging for the turbine blower. It sometimes needs to be jumped into a proper storage facility. It gets charged in there with an appropriate shelter for that delicate equipment.

USB plugs

If you looked at the scenario ten years ago, USB plugs were not considered by an equipment manager. However, in the modern era, you should be able to charge your devices on the go in any golf course equipment. Whether you’re going from one place to another, these small things make a difference in a stress-free Golf course maintenance process.

Hydraulic hose machine

You won’t consider this tool for many types of golf course vehicles. However, it can minimize the downtime for any piece of golf course equipment. If you don’t have a hydraulic hose machine, you would have to big the whole equipment to build a new house and then take it back. The transportation cost is how much more than building one. It enhances your convenience in the field.

With this six Equipment in your checklist, you are good to go with your golf course in the modern era.