Why Making Gojek Clone App For Your Startup Business Make Sense

Startup Business

Every day we see a different app launching in the market. No wonder, they are making people’s lives easier and convenient. And, with the pandemic hitting globally, people have to mandatory follow the safety precautions like zero contact deliveries, social distancing, etc. having these apps is like a boon. For businesses, thinking of venturing into the on-demand delivery service segment, this is the perfect time to thrive. As everything has gone online, service providers are finding it easier and affordable compared to traditional business methodologies. Instead of having different have for varied services, why not have everything together under one roof – Just like the Gojek app.

I know I know, what you guys will be thinking. Developing the same app. No. Gojek is one of its kind and successful business model. For startup businesses developing a Gojek business, the app can be expensive instead, go for Gojek clone app development. Why? We have ample reasons why Gojek clone app development can be a great choice for startups.

How Startups Can Reap Profits Out Of Gojek Like App

There is no doubt in saying that the Gojek clone app will be a huge success. Perhaps, the reason today companies from small-medium to big ones are investing in building a replica of this successful business model.

If you are a startup company and want to be successful and big like Gojek, then investing in a Gojek like app will be a great choice. And we have plenty of reasons for your whys!!!

You have one app for everything

Gojek like the app is a one-stop solution app. Perhaps, the primary reason behind its soaring popularity. It attracts a huge customer base downloading your app to avail variety of services. Instead of having 10 different apps, people prefer having one on-demand delivery service app. Available on both Android and iOS platform, your business can earn huge monetary benefits from the day it is launched.

It encourages multiple revenue streams

Since it is one app all solution thing, offering multiple products and services your business will have multiple streams of revenue. You will not be stuck on to one service that is not performing and earning you profits instead there will be 50 + multiple categories to earn you profits.

Integrating various loyalty programs

Let your Gojek clone app development company integrate few loyalty programs, to begin with. Let the popularity soar by offering rewarding points over suggesting to the other people, offering them discounts when they share or tag your app brand on social media, and so on. This way more and more users will be hooked to your app.

The app is beneficial to the merchants

Your startup Gojek like the app will have multiple categories this means merchants, vendors, and suppliers have ample choices to list their business. Eventually, attracting more business which in turn increases your revenue.

Moreover, the delivery drivers and cab drivers are happy as they are getting better opportunities to earn by optimizing their time in taking ride requests.

Prominent Features Of Gojek Clone App

It will be a simple application to browse. The user can freely login through their social media accounts like FB, Gmail, Twitter, or register through phone numbers or email.

Know this, it is not just any app but comes built-in with smart scalable features that take your startup business towards success. This is the right time to become the biggest on-demand service provider.

Taxi service on demand

The taxi service category is an OnDemand service just like Uber. It lets you book a cab or rent it as per your requirements. Available on both Android and ios platform.

Delivery on demand

Fulfill your customer’s demand instantly. The food delivery app gets them to deliver anything from one place to another immediately.

Food delivery

It gives access to the list of food delivery service providers. Let your customer choose one of their kind and get their favorite food delivered right at their doorstep. With amazing discounts, deals and promotional offers your customers are sure to be glued to your app.

Grocery delivery

Your customers get the choice of their stores from where they wish to shop their groceries. This kind of freedom very few apps give. With a transparent payment process, it makes your app popular amongst people who wish to have doorstep delivery from anywhere, anytime.

Other services

With the app, you can list as many as 50+ different kinds of categories underneath innumerable merchants/suppliers/service providers, etc. Your user will be ecstatic browsing the options and the promotional offers it comes with. All in all your app will be a huge success though it is a startup.

Enabled Web bookings

This is for those customers who do not wish to download the app. Your app will have ditto looking website that enables them to place the order for the services/deliveries. Not every customer is used to the app functioning, and at times they do not have enough space and smart feature phone to use the app. Through web booking, your customer can enjoy on-demand delivery services just like apps.

The dashboard will have different pages with multiple sections including users, drivers, delivery drivers, stores, services, and more. The page here will give you a 360-degree view of the entire activity carried out. Apart from that, it will have a dispatcher panel that lets you handle multiple requests on behalf of the riders, and drivers. And there is a billing panel where you can review all the earnings made by the delivery drivers and drivers. Additionally, it showcases the day’s order placed and how many stores are getting these orders. This way you get to know which services are hit and popular and you can fine-tune your app accordingly.

Is Doing Business Like Go-Jek Profitable? How Much Revenue Can The Gojek Clone App Generate?

Go-Jek app is a one-stop solution catering to multiple on-demand services. Especially in COVID19 times, where people have to stay indoors, they want something that is easily and conveniently done from the comforts of their home. Whether it is food delivery, calling a beautician, a gym trainer, or need a person for their pet to walk and so on. Gojek like app takes care of everything. Certainly, startup businesses thinking of venturing are generating revenue making it the most profitable business in these challenging times.

For startup companies looking for novel ways of doing business, on-demand service app is a huge booming market for you to start.

To develop your business brand where people can rely on you, it requires developing an interactive, yet simple to use the on-demand app along with a great website accompanying it. The website acts as your digital store that introduces your company to the customers, enabling them to use the website for placing their orders in case if they do not wish to use the app.