Some Healthy Foods For Children To Grow Fast

healthy foods for children

Every parent should know what are healthy foods for children? What foods they don’t give their child? As eating habits of a child is totally depending on their parents. From their childhood, parents should give their kids healthy vegetables, not chocolates ice-cream or other junk foods. Most of the parents don’t know what are the healthiest foods for kids? And what the kids actually love to eat? In this modern generation where parents go out for the job and keep their child to the maid don’t observe the child’s health. But it is every parent’s duty to see what their child eats, what they do?

Nowadays, the children who watch advertisements for junk foods that are on the face of the TV are very difficult to motivate them to eat healthy foods. If you find delicious pizza and burgers in school canteens and restaurants near the college, it is normal for children to eat them. It is the responsibility of parents and society to develop the healthy eating habits of the child from an early age.

Ways To Developing Your Child’s Healthy Eating Habits:

Give Them Homemade Food:

Eating at home is the best for health. It will be easier to prevent a child from eating junk food if he or she is accustomed to eating home-cooked food. But it is not always possible to prevent the child from eating outside food. Make the foods your child likes to eat at home. For example, if your child likes pasta, cook pasta with butter and more vegetables. Give healthy foods for kids’ school lunches to keep them fit and hydrated during school time.

homemade foods

Create A Healthy Home Environment:

If you put chocolate in your fridge or bring sweets often when returning home, your child will be attracted to these foods. Keep a healthy diet at home this will also help the child become accustomed to eating healthy foods. You can also take your baby with you when you go to buy food and buy fruits and vegetables instead of buying chips, chocolates or packaged foods.

Be a role model for kids:

If you find yourself eating out every day and telling your kids to eat at home, it may not be right at all. It is your responsibility to be a role model for your child. If you eat healthy foods, your children will also eat healthy foods. If you want your child to adhere to a particular set of rules, you must first follow those rules.

Select Healthy Foods For Child When Eat Outside:

Even if everyone in the family goes out to eat, eat healthy food. If the child pretends to eat something different, tell the chef to make more vegetables with less oil or cheese. Encourage your child to eat salads, so explain to him or her the health benefits of fruits and vegetables.

Some Healthy Foods For Children To Grow Fast:

1. Broccoli:

This greenly vegetable is a great source of calcium and one of the best healthy foods for children. Broccoli prevents cell damages and works to keep eyesight bright.  This healthy vegetable contains magnesium, phosphorus, potassium, zinc, iron, folic acid, and fiber which are very essential for growing baby. It is also a good source of Vitamin B that decreases nerve problems. When seasonal broccolis available in the market than buying it for it and try to give this regularly to your kid’s diet chart. There are many options to eat broccoli like you can cook, eat with salad, eat with juice or drink with soup.


2. Milk:

Milk is very essential for your child so you should add it to your kid’s diet chart. Milk rich in calcium and it is a great source of calcium. This calcium builds healthy bones, strong teeth, nails. It also contains important nutrients, vitamin A, Vitamin B12, Vitamin B2, iodine, protein, etc. Eating a glass of milk per day is very benefits for your child’s growth. If your baby doesn’t like to eat milk you can add nuts in it to make it tastier.


3. Fish:

Fish is protein-rich food which is very beneficial for the growth of your baby. There is a big advantage of eating regular fish as it contains little amount of fats. You can get vitamins and essential minerals from fish. Fish also contains omega 3 fatty acids. Fish helps to reduce depression, and improve brain development. Many health experts recommend taking a variety of fish daily as it helps to grow your child. Most of the Child doesn’t like to eat fish so take variety in the cooking system, prepared it in interesting ways then your child may eat it.

salmon fish

4. Eggs:

Kids love to eat half boiled soft and delicious eggs. Eating eggs daily is very health beneficial for kids. Eggs are rich in calories, protein, fats, carbohydrates, cholesterol, sodium. Most of the mother thinks that how many eggs should a child eat in a day or week? There is no harm to eat one egg per day but avoid eating more eggs a day as it can bring high cholesterol, the risk of heart disease and stroke for adults. A child can eat a maximum of two eggs and it is good for health but overfeeding of eggs is bad for health. Eggs also contain omega 3s that develop memory and heart.

Healthy Foods For Children To Grow Fast

5. Sweet Potatoes:

Sweet potatoes are very healthy for your kids. I’m sure that most of the child doesn’t like to eat potatoes. But if you prepare it with a delicious method then your child tries it. Sweet potatoes contain a high amount of Vitamin A, Vitamin C, beta carotenes, copper, magnesium, potassium. This food is very gentle for the baby’s digestive system. You can add sweet potatoes with other vegetables so it becomes healthier and tastier.

healthy foods for children

6. Yogurt:

There are huge healths benefits for yogurts. The eating habit of it in the summertime as it gives you immunity and digestion. It includes potassium, calcium, zinc, Vitamin, carbohydrate, potassium, etc. It makes your body cool and feels you fresh. There are huge preparation varieties of yogurt and you can make this at your home easily.

healthy foods for children


Don’t think and worried so much about your child’s health rather make good eating habits. When your child wants to eat street food avoids it and don’t give them because one time they eat it will be their habits instead of giving healthy foods for children.