Showbox APK: Showbox Download for PC, iPhone, and Android

Showbox Apk

At the end of our busy days, we search for some relief from our work and for that, we hunt different ways to keep our minds fresh. This is a common necessity for the human to relax after work. There are many things that we choose to do this. Some people select to reading books, entertainment by watching movies, playing online games, cooking, etc. Today I am going to write about Showbox Apk that is also a part of entertainment and it allows you to watch online streaming movies, TV shows, drama, and other entertaining content without paying any costs. This app keeps you regularly updating about the movies and TV shows. In this content, I provide every small detail of this Showbox APK. Now let’s continue:

What is Showbox Apk?

Showbox Apk is one of the best loveable online movie streaming apps that provides its users to enjoy the latest entertainment content without paying any money. It is an online platform where the users get movies, dramas, series and so on using their internet connection. This application has amazing features that mesmerize users.

Why Download Showbox Apk?

Most of you may think that why to download the Showbox app and what benefits you get from this app? As we all know that there are so many apps available for online movie streaming but Showbox Apk is one of the best of them that provides updated videos with many facilities for free and regularly updating new features can amuse of the users. Updating version of this app can be installed on any device that may be a smartphone, pc or iPhone. Though Showbox download is currently not available on Google Play Store you can download it from Google sites.

Is Showbox Apk Safe?

This app has huge users across the world. Using this app may be safe but the borderline of this app is illegal. The users streaming copyright content on their device. This platform streaming videos through torrents and other streaming sources and provides users with free videos that are illegal. That the reason this app isn’t available on the Google play store as it violating the policies of the play store. So you need to download from other websites and install them in your device. This process could contain a virus that can steal your personal data. There is an immense risk of viruses. When you download this the website warning you and it would be able to see your IP address and your viewing history. So there is a big question, is Showbox download safe or unsafe? The choice is yours.

How to Download Showbox for Android Devices?

Showbox Apk is the most popular third- party online video streaming and offline video downloading app. To download Showbox for android you need to change some features from the setting option of your device. Downloading this app is so easy for your smartphone. Here are a few steps by step guides to download this app in your android device:

  1. At first, select the setting icon of your smartphone and tap the app selection.
  2. Choose the chrome app from your all apps.
  3. After opening chrome select the install unknown app.
  4. After taping that option you will find on the right side ‘allow from this source’. When you give permission then you can able to download apps from your chrome browser. But for the older version of Android users, they need to go setting option and select security and then select to devise management and lastly allows the unknown option to get ready downloading.
  5. Next when you found a trustworthy website that provides you real Showbox apk file for android device. After finding the downloading link click there to start the process.
  6. At this time the browser will ask you question whether you want to download or not, if yes then tap to download the file. Next, you need to install process.  

Installation Guide for ShowBox APK:

I guide you step by step of installing the process of Showbox Apk. The installing process is not very tough. You can easily download your favorite streaming app on your device.

  1. When your downloading process completed then open this and click to install.
  2. After you complete installing on your device then tap the ‘done’ option.
  3. Completing this back to the downloader option and select ‘delete’ option to remove the file. Now you may think that it may delete your app, no it does not delete your installing app, it just deletes your file.
  4. Then you can clean your device to remove the junk files.

How to Install Showbox for PC Download on Windows?

This app is the real source of entertainment of the android user with the latest movies, dramas, TV shows, series, etc. But the question that many people want to know is the Showbox app supported on PC? If yes then how to download and install this app on windows? Do I Download ShowBox for Windows 10? Is there support this APK? Let me clear, this app supported on Windows 7, 8, 8.1, 10, Vista and XP. The downloading and installing methods of it are not so easy like an android device. To download Showbox APK you need to use Bluestacks. Now you may think what is Bluestacks? Bluestacks is an emulator that accepts different applications on your PC as it has altered operating systems. Here are some simple instructions to download Showbox on your windows:

  1. At first, you should download Bluestacks from chrome. When the downloading complete then install the file on your PC.
  2. Download Showbox app from chrome using Bluestacks. When you download the file click right on it and this will automatically download on your device.
  3. Completing the installation process you can see it in the emulator.
  4. Now open it accepting terms and conditions and enjoy the online streaming videos. 

Where Can I Download The Latest Showbox APK?

The download of Showbox Apk is not available on Google play store for some legal problem and this is also the third party app. But you can download the latest version of this app from Google websites. Remember all preferring sites are not safe for Showbox download as there are many sites that contain the virus. Those sites may provide you fake apps. So if you want to download this online movie streaming app then visit This site contains the real Showbox download apk.

How to Download Movies from Showbox?

You can easily download videos on your phone following these steps:

  1. Firstly open the Showbox app and search your favorite movie you want to download.
  2. Choose the video quality that you want to download taping the film description.
  3. Then tap the download option and it will begin to download.
  4. Next Back to the Showbox menu, you will find at the upper left corner an option then tap it.
  5. Now go down the Downloads and tap on it. From there you can save your movies in your device.

What Are the Old and Latest Version of Showbox?

The first version of Showbox app was 3.84 that was released on May 10, 2015, and the file size was 2.44 M.B. this version didn’t contain many features like the latest version.

The second version of Showbox was 4.64. It was released on 1st May 2016 and filesize was 20.46 M.B. The features of this version are much better than the first version. The second version contains many features.

The third version of Showbox was 4.65 and the release date was May 19, 2016. The file size was the same as the second version.

The fourth version of Showbox was 4.72 that was released on August 23, 2016. It had a 38.85 M.B file size.

The fifth version of Showbox was 4.82 and it was released on 23 December 2016. The file size of this version was 39.23.

In 2018 four versions were released and they are version 5.0, version 5.11, version 5.23, and version 5.24. Those versions contain many features.

In 2019, two versions were released version 5.28 and version 5.34. Now the latest version is 5.35 that release with powerpack features.

If you want to download old version Showbox then you can but you may lose the variety of features. The old version runs slow and you may face error through trying again and again.

Key Features of Showbox Apk:

Showbox app is the best for watching online movies and TV shows without losing money. This app has immense features. Let’s know about the key features of this app:

Watch Videos without Paying Money:

Watch the latest movies and shows without paying money is it real or fake? Are any sites provide these features? Yes, it is true. Where many sites take money from you for watching online videos, movies, and shows, there Showbox doesn’t take money from you. It is totally free app. You just need a good internet connection.

Very Easy To Use:

You can easily use this app. After installing Showbox in your devices you don’t face any problem while watching videos as it has no complexity. Anyone can easily use this video streaming app.

Unlimited Offline Downloads:

The key feature of this app is unlimited offline movies, shows and videos download. Using your internet connection you can save your favorite videos offline. When you have enough time to watch it then you can without using mobile data. And it doesn’t affect your phone memory, the more videos you want to save for offline you can.

Watch Latest Video Steaming:

Though there are many video streaming sites Showbox is the best from them as it updating you regularly with the latest movies, videos, TV shows. It is better than other different apps. The massive collection of latest news feeds to keep you updating.

Watch HD Quality Videos:

Where many sites provide you low-quality videos streaming, Showbox gives you HD quality videos. With a good internet connection, you can able to watch HD movies, TV shows, etc.

Sharing Option:

The sharing option is the key feature of this app. You can able to share the link of your favorite video with your family and friends through Whatsapp, Messengers and other social sites.

How to Download ShowBox for Mac?

MAC OS has a higher operating system and it runs only PC development and MacBooks developed by Apple. So it quite risks downloading outside applications. Though it is difficult to download but not so difficult if you follow the right instructions. Here some guides for Showbox download:

  1. Download an android emulator likes Bluestacks.
  2. After completing the installing process search for the Showbox app. If you are not able to find out the direct downloading link then follow the on-screen instruction process.
  3. Now you can open the Showbox from the emulator option. Here you need to tap the menu bar to start video streaming. And the menu bar situated at the bottom of the emulator.

How to Watch Movies without Ads on Showbox App?

Who likes to watch ads during watching movies? I think none of you like. But it is very bad luck with this app is you cannot see movies without ads. There is a chance to avoid ads when watching movies or videos. You need to download a video player app from the Google play store. You may download Yes Player from the play store. After downloading this app go to the Showbox and open the setting option. There change a default setting option. Now when you open any videos then it asks for choosing a player and you should select Yes Player. It will help you to avoid unwanted ads.

Some Problems and Solutions of Showbox Apk:

  • Many users of this app are facing no internet connection and error again and again. There is a solution to this problem. To avoid this always update this apk. When updating if you have an old tablet or smartphone it creates a problem. So you need to find out a suitable version for your old device.
  • Sometimes it shows video does not load. To avoid this open the setting option of your device and tap the ‘manage app’ and clear the catches’ memories. After that reboot, your device and it will work properly.
  • Users face accessing the server error problem and it happened because of the video blocked in your country. To solve this use VPNs and Proxies.
  • Installing the new version of this app many users face the problem of ‘unfortunately Showbox has stopped”. You can avoid this installing an older suitable version on your device.
  • Most of the users facing ‘video playback error’ problem. To avoid this problem remove the current update of Google Plus then go to setting option, open the ‘Application’ menu, tap on ‘Google Plus Application’ and uninstall updates.


There is no doubt that Showbox Apk is one of the best apps for watching online movies and TV shows. And if you are an android user then you should take advantage of downloading this app. Beware of the unsafe and untrustworthy websites that can harm you hacking your personal data.