How To Start A Career In Programming; A Complete Guide

become a programmer

How to become a programmer that question that comes in every mind who is interested in the development and want to become a programmer. Here I will completely tell you how you can start your career as a programmer and become a good programmer.

First of all, if you want to become a programmer then do complete research in filed what do you want to develop I mean someone wants to do the programming for android and some for web and system software. This is the important step you can’t do the programming for every filed like someone wants to become the developer for android as well as Website and IOS it is it’s like that someone wants to do the Ph.D. in physics as well as Ph.D. in Computer it’s not impossible but it is so difficult. So choose the field for which you want to survive.

How to Start the Carrer

Now you have picked the filed for what you want the programming or you can take help with a developer gang. Then the question comes in mind where I start? The simple question is from the basic language for what? that is the C++ programming language. You won’t go to any filed but basic is important. Let me give you an example We were two friends that start our carrier as an android development but only now I am doing this and my friend have left this. when I ask him why you leave this after doing 1-year work his answer was ” I think I am not for programming because I don’t understand it”. 

Here the question is why he was compelled to understand it?. The simple answer is I start my work from the basic and he started his work directly.

It is a very important step don’t skip him. Learn every basic concept  C++ that will strengthen your logic which will help you in the future.

Where to learn Programming?

If you the Computer student and doing the BS-CS then that’s will be the golden point for you. There are a lot of things involved in the programming, not only coding it can be a data structure, software entering, and much more.

But if you are the student then don’t worry you can learn any institute and also online from YouTube.

64% of peoples who are in the market they learned online from Google and YouTube are the big platform for learning.

Important: Even you are learning online but you will need a teacher that gives you the right direction on how to do next and what to do.

How to become Professional in it?

Everyone wants to become a professional in his field but how you can become professional in your field in programming. Now you have learned a lot from online and with his teacher, there are two ways to become professional.

  • Work on a real case project
  • join a software house

Work on a real case project

If you want to become professional then this is the good way only good not best. Work on different projects then you will face the difficulties in his and after solving you will start to the professional.

Join software house

This is not only the good but also a best way to become professional. Go in software house as a interne as here they will take the work from you then you will learn who to work and what is the expectation of the market.


To become the programmer is not easy but not impossible just follow these steps and when you will enter into the field then you will understand the important step in programming

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