Drick Parrish: Biography, Relationships, Social Media and Current Status

Drick Parrish is a stunning woman who was born in the United States and is well-known for being the ex-partner of popular NFL player Frank Gore. She is also Boscoe Parrish’s sister, who is also a good friend of Frank and a former NFL player.

Because she leads a quiet life, not much information about her is available online. So in this article, we will discuss all the details about her.

As a couple, Drick and Frank are the parents of two kids. Frank Gore Jr., a football player’s kid, was born in 2002, and an eight-year-old boy Demetrius.

Relationship with Frank Gore:

Her relationship with Frank Gore brought her into the spotlight and people started talking about her.

Although there is no proof to back up the assertions that Frank is a womanizer, it is rumored that he is. Drick accepted Frank’s marriage proposal in 2014 after he proposed to her. They were expecting their second kid at the time.

Not long after the proposal, Drick learned discovered Frank was engaging in an affair with two other girls at the same time. He was seeing Yasmine and Kehaulani in addition to Drick Parrish.

When Jasmine shared photos of herself with Frank on Instagram, she revealed their relationship to the world. Due to this, they were unable to be married, and their romance was terminated.

Why did their relationship end?

The NFL star was accused of having affairs with two additional girls after his proposal went public. The young ladies go by Kehaulani and Yasmine. Yasmine real name was Jasmine.

Jasmine was 16 years old (underage). Jasmine and Frank allegedly met through Kehaulani, a person Gore had previously associated with. She also said she was expecting a kid with him.

However, it proved that her claim was untrue. Jasmine allegedly served as an escort for a “pimp” who claimed Frank owed him $8000 for the prolonged time the father of two children spent with Jasmine. This is according to VladTV.

The pimp in question has pictures of both in the bed and a woman counting money on his Instagram account, probably to divide with him.

All these controversies led to the termination of the relationship.

Few brief facts about Drick Parrish:

She has a very private life and does not use social media even today. We know very little about her and these facts include:

  • Her full name is Drick Parrish and she is the sister of Boscoe Parrish.
  • She is born and currently resides in The United State of America.
  • She is best known for her relationship with Frank Gore which ended when she found out that Frank was cheating on her with two other girls.
  • Her current relationship status is single
  • Her ethnicity is Black
  • She is the daughter of Regina Conley
  • She is the mother of two children namely Frank Gore Jr and Demetrius
  • Parrish is a Christian by religion.

Few brief facts about her partner:

  • Frank Gore is a retired American football running back who spent 16 seasons in the National Football League (NFL), he was born on May 14, 1983.
  • He was the MVP in many matches for his team and has numerous prestigious awards.
  • People consider him a womanizer and was dating two girls on top of his long-time girlfriend with whom he had two kids.
  • His net worth today is around $30 million.
  • He has retired from the NFL after playing for 16 years.
  • The majority of his income came from the contracts he was a part of throughout his career.
  • He is active on his Instagram account where we can see him posting pictures with his sons.
  • He has made 62.24 million dollars thus far in his career. Right now, he can support a fairly opulent lifestyle for himself.
  • With the money he earns from his work, he has purchased extremely luxurious homes and vehicles for himself.

Current Relationship between Frank Gore and Drick Parrish:

The only relationship between them now is that they share the parentage of two boys. We last saw them together in 2014 which was the year their relationship ended. Their eldest son is also a football player like his father and plays the same position too.

Since then, Frank has routinely uploaded pictures of the twins, but we cannot see the couple together in any of the pictures.

Social Life:

She does not have any accounts on social media apps like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter etc. She maintains a very private life which is why people are more interested in her life. What happened to her after their relationship ended is not well known.

Current Status:

Drick Parrish is currently thought to be single because there is no proof that she is dating anyone. She still takes care of both her children. Frank Gore Jr is her eldest child, she had back in 2002 when Frank was still in college. He is now 20 years old and plays football just like his dad. Her other child is Demetrius who is only 8 years old now.


Who is Drick Parrish?

Drick Parrish is the former girlfriend of retired NFL player Frank Gore. She became well-known because of her relationship with Frank Gore, and people began to talk about her.

Where was she born?

She was born and raised in her hometown in the United States of America.

Who is her mother?

Her mother’s name is Regina Conley who is also the mother of Boscoe Parrish

Why did she end her relationship?

She ended her relationship in 2014, soon after finding out that Frank Gore was cheating on her with two other girls.

How did she find out about Frank’s other relationships?

One of the girls whom Frank was dating at the time posted a picture of them together.

Is she available on social media platforms?

No, she does not have any accounts on the social media apps like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. She maintains a very private life.

What is her current relationship status?

There is no evidence of her relationship with anyone as of now and she’s believed to be single.

How many kids does she have?

She has two children from her previous relationship with Frank Gore. The children’s names are Frank Gore Jr and Demetrius.