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Dick York Net Worth

Dick York was born on September 4, 1928, in Fort Wayne, Indiana, United States. Dick York is a well-known Actor who has become famous by making the role of Darrin Stephens on the television series “Bewitched”, as a husband to Elizabeth Montgomery’s witchy wife Samantha. Find out dick york net worth in 2020 in detail below.

Through the acting for life program, York spent his declining years circulating excess goods to the homeless. Dick York died Thursday at Blodgett Memorial Medical Center in Grand Rapids, near his home in Rockford, Mich.

The Education of Dick York is a biography written by the actor. York was a prolific writer and was well-known for his witty characters. His career traveled to several professions, from radio to television. And he was most famous for his position in “The Love Boat.”

Dick York Net Worth

Dick York Net Worth

 $10 Thousand

Dick york net worth is defined by his popularity in the amusement industry. The actor has made his fortune by playing his outstanding character in movies and TV shows such as “Bewitched”, “The Big Bang Theory,” and “The Great Gatsby,”. York was nominated for a Primetime Emmy Award for his role as Darrin Stephens in “The Great Gatsby,”. Does York also have several other outstanding distinctions, including several TV arrivals on “Lost” and “SexyBack.”

Who is Dick York?

Richard Allen York, better known by his stage name Dick York, was an American actor who lived from September 4, 1928, until he breathed for the last time on February 20, 1992, in Los Angeles. He is most famous for his role as Darrin Stephens in the television fantasy comedy “Bewitched”. In this comedy series, he played the character for the first time. His most famous film performance was as instructor Bertram Cates in the 1960 film Inherit the Wind, which became a classic.

Dick York is a famous TV Actor. He was born on September 4, 1928; his birthplace is Fort Wayne, Indiana. Dick is also well-known as a veteran television actor. For his role as Darrin Stephens in the Bewitched series, he gained a Primetime Emmy Award nomination.

York attended St. Paul University in Minneapolis, Minnesota in the 1950s. There he accepted a master’s degree in theater. He moved to New York City in the following year. There he made numerous TV guest appearances. In 1962, his most notable television role was that of Tom Colwell’s small-screen version of Going My Way.

Quick wiki:

Full NameDick York
Date Of BirthSeptember 4, 1928,
DiedFebruary 20, 1992, Michigan, United States
ParentsBernard Allison York
SpouseJoan Alt
ChildrenKim York, Matthew York, Stacy York, Mandy York, Christopher York
Height6 Feet
ProfessionVoice Actor
Net Worth$10 Thousands Of
MoviesInherit The Wind, They Came To Cordura, The Last Blitzkrieg, Cowboy, Operation Mad Ball, My Sister Eileen, Shy Guy
Tv ShowsBewitched, Going My Way, Thriller
NominationsPrimetime Emmy Award For Outstanding Lead Actor In A Comedy Series


Dick York Net Family

Dick York was born to Bernard and Betty Allison in Fort Wayne, Indiana. His parents were salesmen and tailors. When he was just 10 years old, he moved to Chicago with his family. However, the members were not rich and struggled to make ends meet. His family floundered monetarily. Dick’s brother passed away at a very young age. This time was a problematic situation for the family. York’s parents made a lot of sacrifices for their son, which impacted the quality of their lives.

Early life:

The Early Life of Dick York was quite colorful. He was born in Fort Wayne, Indiana. And he was grown by his parents. York’s father worked as a salesman. He started his acting career when he was just nine years old when he was on a CBS radio program “That Brewster Boy”. Dick York got his big break very quickly by playing the part of Billy Fairfield in The Jack Armstrong Show. He performed in many daytime theaters and recreated his role as the emcee of Junior Junction. Even he seemed in films for the Navy.

Young Dick York continued to occur on multiple live dramatic shows till he moved to Hollywood in 1961. On a radio show in Chicago, Dick York first met his life partner Joan York when she was twelve and he was 15. They were married in 1952 after dating for a while. The couple has four children.

York went on to have a thriving charity career after his retirement from acting. He comes forward with his time and skill to help the homeless. His steps went the longest way to making a contrast for many people. After that, in 1992, Dick York suffered a non-contagious disease.

Personal life:

The Personal Life of Dick York was a 2004 story about the actor who performed in the 1960s television series ‘Bewitched’ as the muddled husband of the nose-twitching witch. York was sorrowed from emphysema and chronic back pain and he lost his acting career. He spent his unfinished time supporting his wife Joan and the homeless.

Dick York gained his career from the CBS radio show ‘That Brewster Boy’ to instructional films. York performed in his first Broadway plays ‘Tea and Sympathy’ and ‘Bus Stop’ after moving to New York City. In 1960, his big screen debut came in ‘Them!’. Following the success of ‘Them!’. He seemed in different films such as ‘My Sister Eileen’ and ‘Three Stripes in the Sun’. Dick york net worth is really good as well.

During the 1950s, Dick York moved to New York. He began working in radio shows and seemed on multiple live dramas. He was divorced from his first marriage in 1973. And then he moved to Hollywood where he stayed until his death in 2008. In Chicago, York met his future wife, Robert Foxworth in the year of 1955. Both of them had been acting in Chicago. They ultimately became lovers and the relationship stayed for twenty years.

Career & Professional Highlights:

Career & Professional

Best known for

The Career of Dick York was initiated when he was a very young guy living in Chicago. A Catholic nun found mastery in Dick York’s personality and suggested him a position on a CBS radio show. After occurring in several commercials and daytime dramas, York also performed in daytime serials and a short series such as Junior Junction. He worked in the film Simon and Andrew. He emerged in a telefilm for the Navy.

York moved to New York City after his radio debut. Then he started performing in stage presentations. He continued his career on stage, performing in several plays and films. York also starred in ‘The Philco Television Hour’ and ‘Them!’ television shows in addition to his stage career. In the film, ‘The Mad Ball’ York also co-performs with Jack Lemmon, Mary Tyler Moore, and Janet Leigh.

However, he soon became obsessed with pain medicines, which caused him to lose his career. In the process, he lost more than 150 pounds and also he lost his weight. He had to take painkillers to recover. York was capable of replacing acting in such shows as Simon and Fantasy Island. Now dick york net worth is $10 Thousand.

Charity Work

Dick York constructed a charity association called ‘Acting For Life’ when he was completely disabled for sorrowing from emphysema. This non-profit association was to help the homeless and needy people. To come forward and contribute food and other amenities to help the needy, he reached out to business personnel, politicians, and the public, in general.

Income Sources Of Dick York

The famous man Dick York gained a staggering $1,011,150 per month. He still made a big amount of money since his profits in the business were puffed up. However, the main sources of income for Dick York are not a comprehensive list. Some people assert that Dick York has made millions of dollars from acting, but this may be stretching the matter. His income sources are multiple and various, but he only concentrates on three major ones.

Dick York net worth:

Unfortunately, Dick York was broke and devoured a $650 regular monthly pension during his death. Dick York was a good American actor who had a well net worth of $10 thousand. Dick York made a total amount of  $8,000 weekly, $32,000 monthly, and $400,000 yearly. This  American actor shared well net worth of $10 thousand.

York also had a long and distinguished career in television in addition to his acting career. He played his most famous role in Billy Fairfield and Darrin Stephens on Bewitched. He also seemed in numerous daytime dramas such as Junior Junction. Dick York also performed as a teacher in the 60s film “Inherit the Wind”. His work in the business gave him the chance to help the homeless.

Dick York death:

Dick York Death

York had suffered from emphysema as a former three-pack-a-day smoker. He also battled a degenerative spine. In the year of 1958, he was first injured while shooting the Gary Cooper film, “They Came to Cordura”. The car fell on him, twisting his backbone and ripping his back muscles.

Due to his illness, he has not been able to work for several years. His family was very close to him, and he stayed energetic throughout his life. He helped them to overwhelm destitution.

At age of 63, he breathed for the last time on February 20, 1992. Dick York had succumbed to emphysema. In the case of being out of breathing, York had to survive on an oxygen tank. He died in East Grand Rapids, Michigan at the Blodgett Hospital. His dead body is squashed in Plainfield Cemetery in Rockford, Michigan.


York occurred in educational and commercial films in Chicago when he was still a teenager. Eventually, he handled to get his own radio show! The films are kept by Richard Prelinger, who filmed and maintained York’s early career. Now, these are available on videotape cassettes from Voyager Press. In these films, they feature comedy illustrations to provide advice to teenagers. The films are still a basis of pride for York. Dick York was remembered by his fans as Darrin Stephens in Bewitched. He was oblivious to the chaos he was about to encounter. His character was a basic Saturday-night kind of guy.