5 Great Cabinetry Details to Make the Most of Your Vintage White Cabinetry


The best thing about kitchen cabinets is that there is frankly no end to the ways in which they can be used to add to the kitchen décor. One of the most important ways is to showcase space or sometimes even the illusion of space. This is more often suggested for a small kitchen but has also been opted for by people who have large kitchens too.

In this blog, we shall be talking about such showcase of space in a kitchen cabinetry comprising of vintage white cabinets. White itself provides for a spacious appearance and if we can make use of it in a better and more attractive manner, then why not? Space can be used in two ways. One, to make use of it for kitchen storage. Two, to showcase more space. So, let us find out how you make use of some cabinet detailing to uphold space in your kitchen cabinetry or you can hire the best interior designer.

Here are 5 ways of how to go about it:

  1. Open, backless cabinets: The first kind of cabinetry that you can go for in this case is an open vintage cabinet design that is backless where the wall is visible. While the open shelf cabinetry provides a vintage vibe, the backless character showcases space in frankly the best manner. A natural look and a great way to brag your exquisite collection of tea pots and glasses.
  • Glass backless cabinets: The same as the previous cabinets, only in this case, instead of open shelf cabinetry, we have glass shelves. Glass also has a vintage aesthetic. And if you think that your cherished pot collection has the danger of falling off from open shelves, this is the perfect alternative. While providing safety, this kind of vintage kitchen cabinets has the perfect space illusion factor (backless design) that balances the glass door restriction.
  • See-through cabinets: A very modern approach to your vintage white cabinets or white shaker kitchen cabinets is see-through cabinets. This basically means that your cabinetry will resemble a window to the outside world while keeping your glasses and dishes intact. Naturally open shelves or glass door shelves will be able to have this characteristic. The best thing that this will add to your kitchen space is sunlight and a touch of the natural environment. See-through cabinets are certainly one of the most aesthetically pleasing cabinetry designs.
  • Painted interiors: Well, this one is all up to your artistic capabilities. As the name suggests, this design involves having glass door white shaker cabinets with the wall painted in your own choice of color. Go for a more subtle color which will not make it look over-the-top. Go for a more muted tone. Or, you can also go for an open shelf cabinetry that will allow you to uphold the painted interior in a better manner. This option also lets you add a bit of contrast to your otherwise white kitchen décor.
  • Wallpaper: Another way to put your artistic capabilities to effect is by putting up wallpaper on the back of your open-shelf vintage white cabinets or glass door vintage kitchen cabinets. The best thing about this option is that it is more than just color. You can add designs too, like textures, or others. It helps add a personal style to your cabinetry that your guests can awe at. As with others, you can use both, glass-shelf door style or open-shelf door style in this one too. But more suggested is the open shelf for a more attractive appearance.

These 5 cabinet details will let you design your vintage white shaker kitchen cabinets in a unique manner. All you have to do is opt for the ones that give your kitchen a more aesthetic appeal.