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Organize Your Kitchen

Have a fresh and organized home this 2015, start from the kitchen where all healthy foods are kept. Just by being crafty and creative in a budget-friendly way your kitchen will look magnificent.

Organizing home is fun but troublesome, especially if you have kids who mess out the house all the time. But being organized prevents accident and harm.

I start with all the cleaning agents that should be kept away from children. Make sure they are all locked away safely in a closet and away from foods, to avoid accidental use during rush hours.

Knife and sharp objects should be kept closer to the working desk, and is not reachable for the kids. In the same stand, I make sure microwave, rice cooker and toaster are in the same place. Besides are my blender, bread maker and juicer. This is the best way to save time turning here and there.

Spices and condiments should be separated properly. I use empty jam jars that is enough to cover spices like black peppers, bay leaves, dried chilies just to name a few. I make sure all the jars has it labels to easily pick up what is needed.

I make use of those dead space from the cupboards and cabinets to keep small things like kitchen sponges, towels, measuring spoons or kitchen timers. Of course depends on where should those things be kept, closer to where I need to reach it.

There are a lot more ways to rearrange your kitchen to fit your lifestyle. What’s important is to not scatter all things that will alarm your temper of looking for things you needed most.

Finally, add some colors to your kitchen. Because I love fresh flowers and indoor plants I decorate fresh floral on my hanging shelves or just on the kitchen counter. Plus a good lighting and I’m done having a lustrous and stunning kitchen.

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