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Why Not a Flip-Up Sunglasses

With so many different styles of sunglasses, it can often be difficult to find a pair that best suits you. Get more mileage out of a single pair when you opt for flip-up sunglasses. Not only are these sunglasses highly trendy and fashionable, but they are fun and versatile too. Flip-up sunglasses are quickly becoming among the most popular designs for men, women, and children alike. These highly-prized fashions come in several different designs and can be found relatively easily.

Franklin MLB Deluxe

For the active person or sports lover, the best-selling flip-up sunglasses are the Franklin MLB Deluxe. The impact-resistant frames and lenses are made of a polycarbonate blend for extra durability; so, you won’t have to worry about sacrificing looking good for a sturdy pair of versatile flip-up sunglasses. The blue mirrored design of the durable lenses helps shield your eye from sunlight during activities while offering UVA and UVB protection, too.

Old-School Steampunk Circle Frames

If fashion is more important than function for you, then you might want to steer more towards flip-up sunglasses that look more like the old-school Steampunk circle frame styles. Don’t think these sunglasses are nonfunctional, however. These flip-up sunglasses are becoming increasingly popular with the rockabilly and Steampunk crowds; they are age appropriate for any demographic and they add high style to any ensemble. Under the shaded lens is a clear lens, and most of the time you can order prescription lenses for the pair, giving them even more versatility.

Retro Fashion Steampunk Costume Flip-Ups

Another great Steampunk variety of flip-up sunglasses, these flip-up sunglasses are idea for wearing alongside other accessories. Worn mostly by those who are wearing open-face helmets while cycling or cruising, these flip-ups are ideal for active people. The retro fashion Steampunk Costume flip-up sunglasses are great for wear during plays, too; and are sturdy enough to survive through the rough and tumble backstage bustle without becoming worthless after a single use.

Wayfarer Gangnam Style

You want to talk about trendy flip-up sunglasses; you can’t leave Wayfarer Gangnam Style sunglasses out of the conversation, lest you appear to know nothing about fashion. Gangnam Style goes beyond the dance floor and lands in-your-face when they are placed on your face. These flip-up sunglasses are fun and trendy, and what’s more is that they are just as functional, featuring a selection of lens colors from blue, red, or purple that are fully UV protecting. Add fun and function to any retro look with Wayfarer Gangnam Style flip-up sunglasses.

Novelty, Party Rock Flip-Up Sunglasses

If you want to go a step further and go all out on the retro look, then you should definitely spring for a pair of novelty Party Rock Flip-up sunglasses. You can choose between several popular and trendy styles including mustache, pixel, eyebrow, and 80s neon flip-up sunglasses styles. You can choose from a variety of fully customizable colors and styles. These are definitely an essential part of any trendy accessory wardrobe collection.

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